Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Good bye January, Hello February

Aside from destroying my pathetic training in December and finding a cross training workout, I specifically didn't make any goals for just January and instead focused on 2012 as a whole.
So what DID happen

Miles ran- 91. I normally track my miles daily via Tall Mom's 1000 club, but to my knowledge she hasn't started the 2012 spread sheet  yet, so I literally just found out my mileage yesterday... didn't realize how close I was to 100.
February- Finally get back into the 100s

Highest Mileage week- 39. This is my highest mileage week E.V.E.R. I was so disappointed in running a whopping 40 miles in December, I went gung ho the first week in January and did in 1 week what it took me a whole month to do.
February- I'd like to do a repeat and do 40 miles again- like I said I haven't a higher week before, so we'll see what is possible

Cross Training- 4 Healthways bootcamp classes, core work every other day, 3 p90x shoulder and arms, 1 p90x chest & back (aka MISERY), and 1 p90x legs and back. Aside from core work, that is 9 workouts--- pathetic but that is double what is normal for me.
February- 1 bootcamp a week (min) continue core work every other day, whatever I find for my "new cross training" idea for February I'd like to at least do that twice.

January Races- Only had 1 planned- RnR Rock n Roll Arizona- recap HERE, race photos HERE
February- 1 half... more like THE HALF that I've been looking forward to with Kim R and Rebecca W and her sis L in Austin Texas (yehaw)- Livestrong 1/2. There are a few local races during the this month, so I may try one out just for different distance.... Chris U. and Ashley R-- I need you to hold me accountable for this!

Current Book- The Nine Rooms of Happiness by Lucy Danzinger & Catherine Birndorf. Great read- basically uses a metaphor of a house and all the rooms in it to identify self-destructive patterns of behavior to eventually be able to live a happy more fulfilling life. My not-so-exciting read- "A competency-based framework for Health Education Specialists-2010"--- ugh its so hard to study when half the material is so foreign to me.

Current Obsession- Pinning. TRYING to be crafty (there is a post in the future about my failures with that), finding the perfect protein meal replacement shake, and lastly figuring out work (one job rejection, opened doors to 2 others they thought I'd be qualified for- just want everything to be finalized already)

Current drink- water, daily coffee, and lately I've been craving Spatze (its technically german) but its literally 1/2 coke, 1/2 orange soda-- hold the ice please. I've been indulging in it once a week!

Current Wish List- Shakeology, Wen hair shampoo + conditioner (have you SEEN the infomercials), It's a 10 spray for hair (i have 4 gfs that SWEAR by it in helping hair grow and repairing damage) I'd also like a tan--- I've been tanning since I was 15, but stopped in May when my mom found out she had skin cancer. Both in saving my skin, but also respect for my mom I've been pasty white since summer tan faded away. There are so many things I wish for- house, husband to be, super high paying job etc--- so i'll just stick with the first part of list since I can make those happen easily :)

Current Dislike- Uncertainty with whats the next step for me in my career- 2 jobs I'm looking at aren't in Nashville and I don't want to get uprooted again, but at the same time, I do have to start looking long term. Just wish I would get a sign of what I'm supposed to do.

Current Goal- Fitness- Breaking the 1:50 barrier in the half marathon , losing an inch of my waist. LADIES any advice on dwindling the ever so stubborn "love handles" is GREATLY appreciated. 


  1. Great job with your mileage in January and good luck with your February goals!

  2. This is a good set of goals. We will get some good distance runs over the weekends. Good luck!

  3. Yee haw, Austin baby! I'm beyond excited to spend the weekend with y'all.

    Oh, and 40 miles in a week? I'm so very impressed.

  4. My love handles are firmly in place...thanks 3 kids that I've had.

    The Shakeology looks like something I need, big time. I constantly am having my hair colored.

  5. I can't put the shake in my hair?? HAHAHAHAHA! My hair is so 80's hair band. Maybe the shake would help?? More giggling :)

  6. I am on board with your current dislike - I think I am in need of a career counselor or mentor!! Also, shakeology was really tasty and kept me full for hours, but it is definitely a wish on the list for me!

  7. great month!! i have a few friends doing pilates and swear it has trimmed the waist. i will let you know what i think when i get my new cross training in :):) ooh, maybe a potential job in atlanta?? i kid, i kid. just know that whatever choice you make is the way your life is supposed to be. trust your gut.

  8. What a motivating and energetic post!

    Put Shakeology at the top of your wish list! I just posted about a new protein shake. You know how I feel about P90X :) Highly recommend a recovery drink. Helps with soreness and recovery time. Awesome mileage! My half goal sub 2:00. I can dream of 1:50 :) I wish I had a Feb half!

  9. I have been struggling for years trying to build muscle. I have used every core workout program out there, used stimulants,
    you name it, I have done it. Finally I came across something that actually works!

  10. I would love to break 1:50 too!!! I figured this is my year since I will be running so many! My only cure for love handles is not eating fun!! I don't think Mel has started the 2012 one yet either!

  11. My cure for love handles is that "super man" move where you lay on your belly on the floor and lift up your head/shoulders - works the lower back. Of course I usually do this when I'm doing complete weights routines regularly, so that also might be my cure! :)