Thursday, March 29, 2012

Creature of habit for races

 I had a few people ask about my  my outfit for New York---I'm actually extremely consistent with what makes the cut for races- headband, skirt, shorts, socks, shoes are ALWAYS the same and then its a toss up on who makes the cut for the tank top. 

Top to Bottom:
  • 13.1 Chica Band- Although I normally prefer patterns / sparkles, I  thought it was fitting to represent 13.1 since the race was called '13.1 New York' .Chica Bands has tons of patterns to choose from, AND they are  having a spring sale now where if you spend $30 you get a free spring band, Score. You can check out all designs HERE
Paint the Half Pink
up close of my band

  • My Half Fanatic tank. First off a big 'no no' for me is cotton tanks, as well as high necks because I get hot. Although the HF tank does have a higher neckline than I prefer, I knew for sure that I wanted to wear this for my 25th race- first time I wore it and i'm so glad I went with the men's shirt since I've been informed the women's lack of length in midriff can be annoying and ride up. Even though I've been a member of Half Fanatics for over a year, this is the first article of clothing I've bought /worn. All their gear can be found HERE
  • Different shades of blue argyle skirt-. Speaking from experience... not all skirts are the same. Due to being vertically GIFTED I really have to pay attention to not only the skirt length, but if it has built in shorts, how long are they?!?! Unfortunately what that translates into is a lot of clearance skirts out there just don't make the cut in the anti-chafe world for me. The skirt I wore is  the triathalon style from Although I'm not a fan of their prices, I constantly stalk their sale section and just stick to triathalon skirts--- they have nothing built in so I can wear my OWN compression shorts underneath and there is no worry on riding up. Currently their sale tri skirts are $25... GREAT deal--- see whats left HERE
  • I-fitness Race belt--- ALL last year I ran in a spibelt--- it was okay, but I had to wear it on my hip so it wouldn't bounce around.  I had to watch how much I put in there so it wouldn't get weighed down, which was annoying. When I got my I-fitness belt with race number holder in January, i said bye to the spibelt and safety pins and hello to my new non-slip/ water proof friend. I think the best feature about it is that I forget it's there... it seriously DOESN'T move (perfect for my heavier objects like my phone) 
Neoprene Single Pouch w/ Race Number Holder Black

  • Even though you can't see them, underneath EVERY skirt I ALWAYS wear Nike Combat Pro Core shorts.... i'll be honest, they're not real compression,(which i like bc then I don't feel like a little sausage) but they are so comfty and the perfect length, 5'', so they don't ride up. I really need to buy more because I've been using and abusing the same pair since Jan 2011. I will say its extremely hard to find 5"--- most everything is the butt huggers 2.5".... I prefer my butt to say INSIDE my shorts, thank you very much. 
Nike Pro Core Compression 5
  • Socks- I rotate between 2 brands (depends on what's clean) First is Thorlo's Experia- the grey is extra cushion and they come in fun colors 
  • Second is drymax- not as exciting looking, but perfect wicking material to keep my feet sweat free - both socks don't come cheap and can range from $10-$15 / pair, but well worth the extra money

  • I over-pronate, so I need a stability shoe. I've been in the saucony guides for about a year now. Honestly it gets the job done, I don't have any issues anymore, I just wish they weren't as boxy and a little lighter. There is something about the newest version, 5s, that I HATE when I'm doing training runs- sore calves, bothered arches, just feel 'heavy'. The weird part is that I'm not bothered at all during races, and thats where it counts, so I guess I won't be switching to a diff shoe for my halfs anytime soon. 

So thats my go-to gear for every.single.race.... seriously, aside from the tank top, it doesn't vary from there.

Do you have any race outfits MUSTS each time?


  1. i used to use my spibelt until i got the Ifitness too and i LOVE it. depending on the event, i will wear my chicabands (marathons I really like a hat). brooks defyance shoes, zensah socks or sleeves, and moving comfort bra. outfit changes each and every race. :)

  2. I was a big fan of the Sauconey guides for awhile but I also don't like the newest version. I have switched to Nike's. They must have tweaked something important. My must have is my moving comfort bra. Those sports bras are pure magic.

  3. How does your skirt not ride up? I wore mine once and by the end of the 1st mile it was a belt. I've tried all their skirts- athletic, triathalon, running- and not all of us are built like they are. oh well.

    And I get you on the shorts thing. I will check out those, I usually wear Moving Comfort compression shorts. They're super long enough.

  4. I discovered drymax socks this year and am so in love with them, really worth the extra money . I can't do runningskirts skirts but I love lulu ones, they have the best no ride up shorts underneath.

    I tried running with a SPIbelt but found it annoying. I do have to wear a head band though to keep my hair out of my face.

  5. Great post! I love my iFitness race bib/belt too. It's true, I forget that I'm wearing it as well (except for in races, the number hanging off it is a bit of a reminder).

    The triathlon skirt/compression shorts combo is a winner, economically too. My shorts show under the skirt, but I've decided that that's just fine. Better than chafing.

  6. I have a pair of Champion running shorts that I bought from Target and I race with that same pair all the time! I've tried Nike's and others but I have tree trunk thighs that sometimes like to rub and Champion keeps it "all good" so that's what I stick with. I also wear their running bras!

  7. Great list! I almost always run in my Champin running capri from Target, they are so worn I am trying to find a new pair I love as much. I just grab them for my race days. I also usually wear compression socks for longer races. I just love them. I will have to look into the iFitness belt - I might like it better.

  8. We have a lot of the same must haves. Off to check out the skirts.

  9. I am also tall..5'11" and I have a problem with running skirts...I have a SS gym ultra in med and it is too big it needs a drawstring! I am not a big fan of their shorties on that skirt...I wear the same comp shorts as you and I also like the 5" I find them at Dicks usually only problem is finding some size Small they dont always have those. maybe I should try the skirt you use..does it have drawstring..looks like no...and it does it is not go up or turn ?

  10. i never run in pants, but for some reason on race day just love running in my compression tights. my oakley sunglasses are my only other must have

  11. Great post. It's fun to hear about other people's habits. I haven't been able to get my iFitness belt to stay in place, but I'm glad it works for you. My race outfits are pretty close to what I wear for training, except that I have several tops with pockets that I try to save only for races so they don't wear out as quickly.

  12. I love your race gear! And although not listed on THIS blog, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new "reward" shoes!! AMAZING!!