Sunday, March 11, 2012

Quality Girl Time

For those that have been following awhile, I used to have a partner in crime with my 50 states quest- Becca, otherwise known as "B"
Before we knew we'd be starting out 50 state journey-- my state #1 Women's 1/2 marathon Sept /2010

Our last state together- Phoenix AZ, state #23 for me

B got injured in Phoenix and was sentenced to crutches for 6 weeks to allow time for her stress fracture to heal. Even though she is now off the crutches (hooray), she's still not able to run for 8 weeks--- therefore we have to find other things to do together. 

Thursday night she came over and we made dinner. Although B didn't give up meat like I did, she does try to limit it as much as possible, so I decided to attempt to recreate the "Beans and Greens" I had last week at the Wild Cow vegetarian restaurant in East Nashville:

Since I like to put my spin on things (or using what ingredients I have so I don't need to go to the store) - I used black beans instead of pinto beans, cooked up a TON more Kale, and used up my 2nd spaghetti squash. This time with the squash I rubbed the inside with brown sugar, pepper, and a mango infused balsamic glaze to complement the sweetness of the squash- YUM

Obviously the photo of my version doesn't look as good, but it was scrumptous 

I'm happy to report she now shares my new found affinity for sauteed kale and spaghetti squash!

Friday we decided to check out a relatively new nail place  in our area, The Nail Bar, to get a pedicure. I used to get pedicures every few weeks, then last year when I moved to a different part of town, I just never bothered to find a new place 

Everyone that was getting a manicure sat at an actual bar

Whereas us pedi girls got ultra comfortable high end vibrating / massaging chairs

And lets not forget the most important thing...

She had merlot, and I chardonnay. Apparently they also let you bring in your own drinks...  You KNOW i'll be back :)

Perfect way to end our girls time was to head to one of our local fave hang outs for beer and good food... Drakes!

Do you ever do non running activities with your running friends?


  1. I love to get pedicures. That place looks awesome! I hope Becca is back on the roads with you soon:)

  2. That sounds like a PERFECT day!! My running friend was injured and we started to have dinners more often. It's a great way to stay in touch and provide support while they can't run and most likely freak out.

  3. that sounds AMAZING!! We go to dinner or out for breakfast too. Occasionally we hit up a nail salon, but not as nice as yours!

  4. Ummmm.... can we PLEASE be friends? The food, the pedi, and the drinks sound AMAZING!! Come to Minnesota, we'll hang out?? :)

  5. I have great running friends but we rarely get together for non-running fun. Maybe dinner out every now and then but that's about it. I should change that.

  6. Awww you are so AWESOME... thanks for still hanging out with me even though I'm gimpy!! <3

  7. so fun! my non-running activities with my running friends usually include drinking :) and sometimes dinner :)

  8. What fun! That is totally my kind of place, I need to find a place like that around here! Your poor friend, stresss fractures are The WORST!