Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The most difficult shoes to track down EVER

Honestly, when I saw the Asics gel noosas a few months back I just thought to myself- those are fun, but I wasn't dying to have them. That changed when a few weeks ago I was having a conversation about how I would love to have them and it was pointed out that to wear shoes 'that loud' you have to be fast or else you look silly. So I asked, 'how fast?' and was informed that at least running a 1:45--- plus it would be good to have something to really push for.

I'm pretty motivated when it comes to challenges, however I didn't necessarily think 1:45 was realistic for me, however it was nice to have a long term goal to aim for so I could be occupied a little while (sad to admit, but just running half marathons over and over can get boring at times)

So if you haven't heard, this weekend I ran the 13.1 New York race and earned my shoes with a time of 1:43:30- recap here.

My flight landed at 9:15 am on sunday morning back in Nashville and after some laundry / cleaning I was out the door to pick up my prize ---- I wanted them BAD

In a 2 hour time frame I went to the following stores:
Academy Sports
Off Broadway Shoes
Sports Season
Dicks Sporting Goods
Shoe Carnival
Finish Line
Rack Room Shoes

11 stores and NO SUCH LUCK --- seriously?!?!

Then I went online for 1.5 hours and searched the online version of the stores I went to and were just out of my size- after that, hit up Amazon, Asics website, ebay, zappos, any type of running store you could imagine, I researched.

All yielded the same results--- my asics were either OUT OF STOCK, or they didn't have have my size :(  Seriously?!?! I finally decide to only get something I really want by having to earn it, and now I can't find them anywhere.

Monday I call around to some of the further away (different part of nashville stores) no luck. Fleet Feet, no luck, BUT they gave me the number to another Fleet Feet in Murfreesboro which is about 30-40 min away. I call them and HALLELUJAH!!! (they are in stock AND have my size)

Yesterday after work I spent 2 hour round trip (got to love Nashville rush hour traffic) but they are mine and it just so happens that today is workout Wednesday.....
Before anyone asks- no I haven't ran in them yet, but will be testing them out today or tomorrow. Regardless if they work out for me to run in or not, they are just a constant reminder to me how I can accomplish something "far fetched" if I put my mind to it!

Do you ever use material things to reward / motivate yourself to obtain a goal?
Normally I dont, but it worked this time, so I guess I need to find something bigger and better for my next conquest  (sub 1:40, but don't worry, I'm not going to kill myself anytime soon to reach that)


  1. i usually treat myself with lots of ice cream...but if i was speedy i would definitely be after some cool shoes like those :)

  2. I'm with Julia...last race was a treat! I think however this is much better for the waistline and I keep seeing those signs on Pinterest about not being a dog...guess I need to rethink things! These shoes are SUPER cool and you have most definitely earned them!!

  3. The shoes sure made you earn them didn't they!! I love the look of them! Wait till you pass some dude wearing them! HAHAHHA!

  4. Your shoes are so awesome! And what they symbolize...a huge milestone for you.

    I often use food as a reward. And sometimes alcohol. Bad Kim.

  5. omg. i think you have just as much shopping determination as you do running :):) and hells yes i reward myself. its always a reason to “treat” myself. which you probably know is a problem for me!!

  6. They are fabulous! They are even sweeter since they were so hard to find. I have tried to use shoes to motivate me to drop some more lbs but apparently my love of food is overpowering my love of shoes. Maybe I need a different motivator?

  7. So glad you found them! You deserve it:)

  8. SO CUTE!

    I do reward myself with things. Usually a new piece of gear or a race registration

  9. AWESOME shows!! And I love the fact you earned them.

    After each marathon I rewarded myself. Last time it was the vibram shoe.

  10. Hi! I am curious if you have a lot of subscribers to this blog?