Saturday, March 3, 2012

You say goodbye (february), and I say Hello (March)

Ya so I'm a bit of a Beatles fan...

February's Focus has been on getting stronger- less focus on how many runs I do, but more of quality.
Total Mileage: 91. I wanted to run 100 miles in the month, but alas I ran the SAME. EXACT. MILEAGE as January (not planned) 
March: I WILL break into 100 miles this month

Highest Mileage Week: 29. Major fail since the goal was 40-- I'll be honest I forgot about this goal, so not too upset about this
March: Repeat of February's intention, 40 miles

Half Marathons planned/completed: 1/1.  Livestrong Austin Half Marathon.  Best race in a LONG time. Great time with some Amazing ladies, earned my new PR, AND got to catch up with 3 old friends from HS and college!

March: 1 half mary planned. 13.1 NY with my hs gf Heidi.

Long Runs Ran: 13, 13, 16. Guess if I did a long run EVERY weekend, then I would have been over 100 miles... BUT I did manage my!!  
March: doing a 17 mile run today, will have a 13 mile on the books, then hopefully at least 2 more.

Current Ache/Pain:  Lately my butt has been tight / sore, so here's hoping to its being 'sculpted'. I asked for a deep tissue butt massage... still waiting for a full one! 

Current Book (s): Actually have nothing on my plate right now (let the suggestions roll in)  

Current Obsessions: Figuring out all the touristy things I'm going to be doing in New York in a few weeks

Current Drink:  Chocolate shakeology--- been on it less than a month and I've noticed a HUGE difference in my digestion AND slimming down my middle.  

Current Song (s):   I've got 3: 
Every morning while I get ready for work I listen to these 3 (and then some) 
1. The Cults "Go Outside"- its so fun and cheerful--- especially love listening to it while running outside and its gorgeous out!

 2.  Discovered this song from a commercial that was on the Superbowl- OBSESSED. 
Fun "We are young"

3. Ok this is my "I feel like such a bad ass while listening to this song" My good friend Ronnie is in the process of opening a gym and used this song as his promo video--- I think its so fitting
Awolnation - "Sail"

* if you have any songs that make you feel like a bad ass, would LOVE to add them to my workout mix!*

Current Wish List: Having abs worthy of being able to run in just a sports bra 

Current Dislike (s):  Figuring out what I'm going to do for housing situation come June. Finally saw the house my roommate bought, and I'm not too keen on moving in.  

Current Goal: Sub 1:50 half. Building a stronger mileage base  

Current Treat: Since I gave up sweets, the only thing I allow is my chocolate soy milk or chocolate shakeology- so those are my treats till Easter.

Current Excitement:  First time visiting New York- will be my 25th state and I will officially be 1/2 way done. Can't wait to see my gf Toya (we're staying with her), AND she randomly got married last weekend and didn't tell anyone, so meeting her new husband. 


  1. Sounds like another great month for you Lisa! What type of books do you normally like to read?

  2. great month woman! i read this post before i headed out for my run - i love that song by fun. too, so i made it my pandora station - great running music! :)

  3. I'm loving the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, thanks for the recommendation. Wish I had one for you.

  4. Great month! You'll get that 100 this month. Have you read Born to Run? I am loving it right now. Also giving up sweets for Lent, glad to see someone else is in this with me. :)

  5. What a great month!!! Have fun in NYC :)