Monday, March 12, 2012

Shrinking waist, alcohol, and hookah

The past few weekends I've been doing obnoxiously "long for me" runs, so this weekend I decided to keep it easy with 9 miles.... I love how I don't consider 9 miles that long anymore! Although the weather was gorgeous.... I got burnt AGAIN, and had to have assistance with rubbing aloe on my back.
I feel like AFTER a shower it exaccerbates the burn

After my self portrait photo, I noticed my middle is slowly shrinking.... so I know it doesn't necessarily look small in the close up below photo

However in comparison to the last time I wore this shirt, Oct 2 for San Jose RnR 1/2, I'd say there is a HUGE difference--- thank you russian twists and spider man planks! 


Aside from working on whittling down my middle, I've also been working on strengthening my legs to make runs easier. Translation- wall sits and lunges.... lunges and wall sits.  Saturday's run didn't feel particularly fast, but my below splits make me happy because faster numbers are coming easier :)

Total Mileage 9.1
Overall Time: 1:15:08
Mile 1- 8:10
Mile 2- 8:40
Mile 3- 8:34
Mile 4- 8:40
Mile 5- 8:10
Mile 6- 8:18
Mile 7- 8:10
Mile 8- 8:50
Mile 9- 7:43
Mile.1- 7:18

After my run I showered up and met up with J for a few beers and appetizers before our 5:30 tour of the Corsair Distillery downtown. For those who are familiar with the Yazoo Brewery, Corsair distillery took over their old building, Marathon Motor Works.

If you're ever been on any type of tour for a brewery, there are similarities such as fancy equipment and a tour guide trying to be funny while enlightening us on the process of how their product is made

But what was different about this tour was at the end we got to try a bunch of different alcohols they make instead of beer
All 7 of the alcohols we sampled

Close up of the 'blues brother esque' labels that all their products have, regardless of type of alcohol.

Pouring the liquor 

Hibiscus flavored absynth 

Needless to say I was feeling pretty good so we ventured to one of my fave downtown hole in the wall restaurants- Past Perfect

I was too busy stuffing my face and drinking beer to snap a photo of their DELICIOUS warm cheese artichoke and spinach dip with pita bread. However I did get one of my flavorful veggie hummus wrap (quite a few  vegetarian options here, which was nice to see since I was starving and was worried about finding something that would satisfy my hunger)
Picture doesn't do it justice - spicy hummus, greens, broccoli, red onions, and cilantro ranch dressing with salt and vinegar chips

After dinner and beers, we decided to do hookah downtown..

I've been to Bebo's probably about 10x since I've lived in Nashville- the ambiance is less than stellar (blue lighting with hardcore dance rap playing loudly), however its located in the heart of 2nd avenue, so it makes for GREAT people watching. After splitting a hookah with J, his friends that later joined us, plus another 2 beers, we called it an evening. 

Initially I had wanted to get in a run on sunday to burn off all those extra calories, but the fact that it was upwards of 70 degrees and my sunburn was still sore, I didn't want to get any more sun (never thought I'd say that in March). Sunday was spent being lazy, cleaning, and a little shopping all mixed in.

Did you do anything exciting this weekend?


  1. Nothing too exciting here, we took the kids to a museum with lots of dinosaurs and I cut my run back this weekend, mostly cuz I felt like crap :) but I did sign up for a marathon! Aaack

  2. I ran a half in Nashville on Saturday and we hung out the rest of the day with friends. We walked downtown for awhile on Saturday night and the weather was perfect! Hope your sunburn feels better!

  3. I can't get over that you got a sunburn!! It's March for crying OUT LOUD! That can't be ok? :)

    You did not have big love handles in that other picture! You look great! High five on the great 9 miler!

  4. Sorry about your sunburn, but glad you had the sun!

  5. Sounds like an awesome weekend and get on that sunscreen, girl!!!

  6. good job on the 9 miler! You're getting fast! Sounds like a fun weekend.

  7. sunburn? What's that? :) Lisa, every time I come here you seem to be getting faster and fitter. Seriously, when I first came to your blog you were not running splits like that...amazing. I have a feeling that 2012 is going to be one of your best years yet in so many ways.

  8. poor sunburns :( no fun. i was shocked at how much sun i got on saturday running too-it was chilly when i started so i didn’t expect it. congrats on a shrinking waist!

  9. you really are getting so dang speedy!! love it! cant believe you got sunburnt already!?! that is crazy!!

  10. never heard of corsair, but dying to go on a date night there now!

  11. oh and... i didn't know i got sunburnt yesterday, but when i got out of the shower this morning i had major farmer's tan!

  12. you can totally tell a difference in your waist! great job!!

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