Friday, January 4, 2013

2013 Goals

Is it bad that I have been dragging my feet on what I want to accomplish for 2013?? Normally I'm excited to have a clean slate and create goals, but the last month or so I've been in a slight funk where I just want to be lazy...

Last year was the year of growth for me- I figured out how to go outside my comfort zone with pace and distance, ran 2 ultra relays, and even signed up and trained (although didn't run on race day) a marathon. I got out of the rat race at work and set my sights on a new role I wanted and got it!

What 2012 SERIOUSLY lacked was discipline - in all facets of my life. Full weeks would go by where I didn't run (in the last 4 weeks I've ran 3 miles), my eating got out of control, frivolous spending, and just not doing all the side projects I wanted to get done because I'd waste my time on meaningless items (tv, movies, internet)

For the next 6 months I decided to focus on one word which in turn will help me get to where I want to be- and then evaluate end of June as to how I'm doing:

Seems simple enough- when something becomes a priority we tend to accommodate our life to make that task / goal happen, however I'm really bad at this. I realized that during all marathon training I never ONCE ran over 32 miles in 1 week--- although I gave priority to the long run and was diligent about my weekends, I didn't give priority to my body and conditioning it appropriately, thus got  injured. 

Number 1 priority- losing weight and then maintaining it. How cliche right? For all those shorties out there, I'm 5'11, that alone means I have more weight to move around, regardless if I "look okay for my height" Naturally I just require more energy to move my body and when the weight creeps up even 5lbs, its a huge difference on my speed and ability. 

How am I going to get there:

  • On Jan 2. I started the Ultimate Reset by Beachbody. I'll do a more detailed post on it next week, but its a 3 week phase system- reclaim (prepping your body), release (cleanse/detox), restore (putting the good stuff back in- pre and probiotics). This is REALLY forcing me to focus on food as it tells you what to eat for each meal (plus its great for controlling portions) 
  • After the reset is finished, I'm going to make it a point to limit how often I go out for meals due to laziness and better stock my kitchen so I can prepare meals more easily on a whim. I've gotten out of habit of cooking and I can honestly say I haven't personally cooked any meat since last spring. 
  • Right now I can't exercise at all while on the reset except for walking and basic stretching (exercise places stress on system, especially when it has to repair itself after a workout, so instead of having your system focus on that, its strictly working on your cleanse and digestion- again more detail next week)
    • since I can't workout, this is going to make me get back into swing of things with enthusiasm come late January. I only ran 27 miles in December due to lack of motivation, so I'm hoping now that its taken away that won't be an issue. 
  • Consistency- I'm pretty good now with going to bootcamp at least 1x week as I promised myself, and if I'm lucky 2. What I'm not good at is running. Ashley and I agreed that when I can start running, everyday Wednesday we will meet up for a lunch run which will probably range from 3-5 miles. I'm going to make it a point to get in at LEAST 3 runs a week- I have to start small. 
  • Mileage---My highest mileage week last year was in the 30s, which is pathetic, so starting in February I'm going to make it a point to have 1 heavy week a month- 30s/ 40s just to keep my mileage up so I'm not always "just getting by" in races. I truly feel that miles on the legs does translate into getting faster.
  • Marathon--- Ever since reading recaps of Eugene last year it made me want to run there and eventually do a marathon- I believe it was shortly after that when I signed up for Air Force Marathon. Unfortunately with this no exercise for 3 weeks, when I'm done that leaves me 14 weeks to prep for Eugene. When I trained for Air Force I did 15 weeks and only stuck to the long runs planned out, so it might be possible, however I'll have to see how running feels after no miles on the legs for 5 weeks straight- eek.
    • If I don't do Eugene as a marathon, I probably won't run one this year. Training for a marathon in the summer in Nashville temps was the stupidest thing I could've done. I would have to get up at 4:30am just to get 80s/ low 90s run in and I'm not going through that again. 
  • States- I have 14 states left- right now I only have 100% plans to knock out Wyoming and Virginia and the rest of the states are in limbo right now- I'd like to get as many out of the way as possible (think double headers) so by this time next year I can be planning for 50th state- Hawaii for sometime in the winter :) 
Social / Family
  • I belong to zero groups that allows me to interact with others around my age- majority of the people I hang out with in Nashville are all work folk, thus its a very small circle. Often times I fall victim to loneliness eating- going to a restaurant so at least I have interaction, grabbing a pizza or other unhealthy food and unwinding with a movie---  I need to join something that will allow me to meet others and get out more vs. staying in and repeating my same mistakes
    • I've been debating on attending some hash harrier runs as I'm told they are a lot of fun with awesome people- added bonus, will help with my mileage. 
    • we also have a young professionals group for Williamson County- slightly intimidated to go, but they do all sorts of events so I need to at least check them out. 
    • Local races--- very familiar with the who's who in blog land, but actual nashville-land, not so much. I know this is a long term goal when I finish 50 states, but would like to get more involved in my own running community. 
    • For existing friends need to plan either a weekly or monthly get together  that doesn't involve going to bar and drinking - although that is welcome too :) 
  • My "loneliness eating" is really bad on weekends when I'm bored and have nothing to do-- I go back to home always 3x a year- Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas and then i'm lucky if I get in any other time- need to be better about not going months on end without going home or seeing family and choosing a weekend with nothing planned to make the trip.  This year my parents are coming to Virginia with me and then we have a family vacation planned the following week (all in June) so its starting out to be a lot more family time then I've had since college. 
Nothing to do with weight, but still important:

  • Contributing to my 401k (Yes I know, almost been at job 3 years and haven't been doing it) 
  • Currently I have $100 from every paycheck automatically deposited into savings, will up it an extra $50 to get $100 more a month- thus an extra $1200 a year
    • not touch my savings- if I can't afford it, don't get it. 
  • I FINALLY removed my credit freeze off my report (identity theft in 2010)- all my credit cards are expired or closed so I'm going to open 1 with my insurance, USAA, just to have an open credit to bring back up my score (once I get a house I won't care about my credit as much)
  • Pay 25% of car off for 2013. 
  • The difficult part with financial that I haven't figured out is living situation. Unfortunately I've been bouncing around every year to different apartments and roommates- just want my own place, but then it would literally double what I currently pay and that isn't helping me with my saving--- TBD on what goes down in May.
I'm sure goals will change as they more often do, but even if I accomplish half of this, I'll be happy! 


  1. Great goals Lisa! If you can afford it, you should go to fitbloggin or something similar. It would help you connect with like minded and similarly aged peeps:)

  2. I love that you put your goals/priorities out there in the blogosphere...good for you! Good luck can do it! Blessings!

  3. love your goals, totally agree with the social ones. i really want to get into the asheville running community, or something to meet people my age!

  4. I like what Hiker Mom said: A blogging conference! BlogHer is in could come see me!
    I so admire how you've outlined your plans and goals. I am so seat of the pants, this has never happened for me.

  5. Count me in for a blogging conference. Not sure which one yet but it's a goal.

    You're on the right track Lisa and I don't know if you've ever done the one word of the year thing before but I found it to be life changing. Seriously.

  6. sounds like a great plan! someone just mentioned have you ever used it? i haven’t, but i am considering it to try and find people to run with here.

  7. Sounds like a well thought out plan! Like others, I agree the social aspect is important to include.

  8. ah...I know what you mean about being 5'11" and the weight thing....I am the same height as you...I know it can be so "easy" to hide the lbs...on a tall frame like that...

    wishing you a great 2013

  9. Great goals for 2013! Which race in VA do you run?