Friday, January 11, 2013

I drive like a Cullen...

Now that the weather realized that Nashville is NOT part of the Pacific Northwest and the rain can go elsewhere we finally had a gorgeous day- 70 degrees, sunny, slight breeze, no humidity- perfect running weather--- oh wait, ya I can't run right now.

This whole "not being allowed to exercise" is SURPRISE, really making me WANT to exercise. You know when you tell a kid NOT to do something and that's all they want to do now, kind of like that.  I guess this is a good thing considering I had zero motivation in December, so now that I can't, I have all the motivation in the world.

So after sitting at my desk for hours on end staring outside I decided to go on a walk with one of my good friends

Within minutes my mood was better. I think I've been in a slump due to this no exercise. Even when I take breaks from running, I still go to bootcamp and get in some cardio-- I guess Elle Woods was right because I'm in a much better mood!

For all those fellow twilight fans out there, I saw these 2 stickers on the back of the car and had to get a photo
When the bangs don't want to cooperate, you rock the Snooki bump- and yes, I'm wearing workout clothes to work because Fridays are "Fitness Fridays" and we can do that. I do own real clothes too. 

Is it sad that I know exactly where in the first movie this was said?!? No i'm going with it's because I have an impeccable memory. 

Aside from the no exercise, my nutrition is going great. I got the hang of all this meal prep, and for the most part I love everything I'm having to make. I'm down 7lbs now so I think that really does help enjoy what i'm eating because I know I'm doing what is healthy for my body. 

I'm so lucky right now to have a few friends doing the Whole 30, so they are experiencing the same difficulty of social woes- can't go out to eat (you can but its extremely difficult), can't drink, on a stricter schedule with food etc, that it makes having fun on the weekend difficult. We have a game night planned tomorrow night- games and only health plan approved food. They can have meat and unfortunately I'm a pseudo-vegetarian this week, so hopefully there isn't a bunch of that lying around tomorrow. 

When you are following a strict eating regime, what social activities do you find best compliment what you are trying to accomplish with your health?


  1. I had to look up those bumper stickers since I haven't really seen much of the Twilight movies. Ha! I'm trying to be good right now & lay off the alcohol but it's TOUGH!

  2. I took a week off a few weeks ago, and I about lost my mind. I am way too addicted to running and working out! I guess there are worse things, but those around me were about to kill me because all I talked about was running.

  3. well, not eating out is the best thing for me to do when i'm trying to be good, but, i suck at that-so i just try to make the best decisions possible.

  4. Love the stickers! I've seen and photographed drive like a Cullen :)

    I've pretty much can manage any social situation on a vegan diet. Special orders when dining out I contribute food for get togethers with family and friends. If all else fails I either eat before or after the social activity and not during but I can't remember the last time that was the case.

    So jealous you have a window in your office!