Friday, January 18, 2013

5 for Friday

ONE-  I normally don't do too many races outside the half marathon distance, (outside of relays) but this year I signed up for 5k foam fest (similiar to a mud run, but yet with foam) If you live in Nashville area or are wanting to potentially travel here I will be giving away race entries for the May 4th event sometime in March. The other "no need to worry about pace" run I signed up for is the Tap n Run 4k the following weekend, May 11. Costumes + beer + ridiculously short distance, I'm in! These two races + my Wyoming half Memorial Day weekend with my favorite racing ladies = one great month thus far!!

TWO- Counting today I have 5 days left on the ultimate reset. I really don't mind the food aspect now, but I'm itching to be able to workout again. Wednesday is my first day I can do activity and I already have a lunch run set up with Ashley. I'm nervous that I'll be gasping for air within 5 minutes, but from what I'm told of others who completed the Ultimate Reset is it actually helps with your stamina as it makes your body more efficient during workout. I don't think this may be the case with the very first workout back, but definitely after a week. Side bar: down 8.2lbs so far!!!

THREE: I've been on a cooking spree lately. I've found great comfort in spending hours in the kitchen re-creating or tweeking clean or paleo recipes I've found. Last week my absolute FAVORITE find was Paleo Almond Fudge
Last night I made coconut fudge bars (dates/ cacao powder/ ground almonds as base), and although I haven't ate one yet because they are for our Wine @ 5 today, I'm counting on them being tasty- Paleo AND vegan friendly --- will post recipe next week. 

FOUR:  My right knee is in excruciating pain. It literally feels just like how my plica problem felt during running this late summer / early fall, only right now I'm not running or doing any strenuous activity at all. You know how when you have a bad bruise and then you touch it and you flinch because its extremely tender? That's how my knee feels ALL the time- whether I walk, just sit there, lie down to sleep, my jeans rubbing against it... everything.  I'm so confused as to what caused it or if its anything serious. I'm slightly hoping that once it gets more mobility with exercise, the pain will lessen.... but that may just be wishful thinking 

FIVE:  Two things going on right now in "Because I can land" - Bluezones Book Giveaway ends 1/21, AND
submitting your name for the Healthy Valentine Exchange ends 1/25!


  1. WTG with the Ultimate Reset! What are you going to do to celebrate completion?

    Sorry to hear about your knee pain. I'm hoping and crossing my fingers for more mobility helping!

  2. knee pain! I am sorry you have to deal with might want to see a Dr....before this gets worst.. about the shoes...before the Ghost4 I was in Mizzunos Wave Ryder 15 ( I still use them and I do like them) and before that I was in Ravenna 3 (stability shoe that I also liked but I prefer the neutral shoes now)

  3. So sad I am almost out of almond butter, my mouth is watering for that fudge. I am getting the ingredients for that the next times head into town. Hope your knee feels better soon. Great job with the weight loss. I went paleo the last 9 days and love how great I feel.

  4. Good job on the ultimate reset! How long is this reset?

  5. bizarre on the knee pain-hope it stops soon! the foamfest is in atl the weekend of publix-i had to decline it (and it's an hour outside of atl). okay-both of those desserts look great! curious what your plan is after the reset? not sure if you have blogged about it or not.