Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Rest of Holidays

January 2nd and back at work--- major bummer. I'm still not ready to do my 2013 goals yet for running, so while everyone else in blog land is doing their posts, I'll just recap the rest of my holiday break

  • Was able to spend the 27th with entire family! (Sis in law is due in a few weeks and couldn't make the drive down for Christmas day, so we came to her)

  • Went outdoor ice skating--- haven't been ice skating in a few years, but haven't done it outside since I was 15--- hands down I will take an outdoor rink over indoor arena any day of the week. I promise I wasn't falling, that only happened once and that is when Mark dragged me down with him. 


  • Took a trip down memory lane and ventured to my old running grounds, Charleston Falls. I had never been in winter so it was like a whole different park 

  • Found out one of my best friends from middle school passed away suddenly on Saturday morning. Death of a friend is always hard- add to that her age (28), our history, what she left behind (2 babies- one 4 months old + husband who is deployed in Marines) and her disturbing facebook post the night before and it was just weighing heavy on me. It wasn't until our drive back to Nashville the next day that it hit me and I just started crying relentlessly and eventually had to have M take over driving
  • Went to see the lights at Opryland (a Christmas holiday MUST if you are ever in Nashville) My pictures don't do it justice, but trust me, its AMAZING!!
inside Gingy's house (there is  shrek exhibit and they have a whole room devoted to making gingerbread houses and meeting Gingy)

  • Spent NYE at a friend's pajama themed party. Turns out-- we won best pajamas! I found out late last night, so I'm not sure of the prize, but it doesn't matter, bragging rights is enough for me. 

Matching Paul Frank pj set and cow socks with a head on them

close up of pattern

  • Lastly before taking Mark to the airport we ended our relationship. Nothing "went wrong", due to distance and a few other things, it was just for the best. I know its weird to put on my blog, but considering this is how we met, it only seems appropriate that I document the end here as well. After I changed my facebook status I had a large number of friends one by one call or text to see if I was okay- in this day and age of technology its rare sometimes when people actually REACH out vs. just leaving a comment, so it meant the world to me to have that many people in my life care about me .
Today I  started Beach Body's Ultimate Reset---- 21 days of clean eating with a cleanse thrown in there and NO WORKING OUT- eek. I'll dive in deeper on my next post. 

Hope you all had a Happy New Year!


  1. Ahh love the NYE pj look!!! I had a major Paul frank obsession in high school - I had this key chain that I was pretty obsessed with, and a dancing hula Paul frank for my car.

  2. Glad you enjoyed your Holiday Lisa. So sorry to hear about the friends death and the breakup but it sounds like you have a good attitude about it and that it is for the best. Stay positive and I look forward to reading more about your 21 day cleanse...yikes that sounds scary!

  3. hugs. for both your friend and the breakup. i know both are heavy on the heart. interested to hear about the cleanse!

  4. I love those pjs. I'm a huge Paul Frank fan! Very sorry to hear about your friend :(

  5. The lights are beautiful!! Sorry about your friend and your breakup:( Here's to an awesome new year!!

  6. I love the pic of you and M in the PJs. Something very wrong about a man wearing definitely deserved the win.

  7. those cow socks are amazing! sorry about your friend and the breakup, i had a friend from HS pass away over the holiday and it really makes you stop and think about a lot of things.

  8. Happy new year Lisa! I can't wait to hear what you think of the ultimate reset! You are going to share right?

  9. Your pajamas are rocking! It should mean that you WIN a set of pajamas for winning the contest. If that's not what you receive, you need to make a phone call demanding that prize, along with some 1 on 1 time with Bradley Cooper now that "M" is out of the picture ;)

  10. Sorry to hear about your friend and also the break up. Even though you a had a rough start, I hope 2013 will be a good year for you.