Thursday, January 10, 2013

Three For Thursday

1. I finally got a solid foundation for the first half of 2013 race schedule, always room for changes, but what I have so far is under the upcoming race schedule tab. As of right now my first race to kick of the states is March 2nd in Vegas!

2. Over Christmas break my brother Andy shared the amazing Retail me Not website. Any company you just type it it in and it will show you any coupons. For kicks and grins I wanted to see if I could get a discount on the Publix Georgia half, low and behold walah!!! 
I tested it out with a bunch of different products and was able to get coupon codes for all. Move over, I might have found a new favorite site! 

3. Results are in for finishing my first week of the Ultimate Reset . I really don't want to post photos of my belly as they are extremely unflattering, but I guess that's the  point right? Unfortunately I was solo in the taking photo department, so not the best quality which adds to its awesomeness

Can you say B-L-O-A-T-E-D!  Proud to say my lines are uncovered now, but I'm going to wait till after 3 weeks to post a final photo, can't wait. 

On to the numbers 

Starting:                                                                         Week One:
Chest: 37"                                                                      35"
Bicep 11"                                                                       10.5" (i don't need to lose any inches here!)
Waist: 34"                                                                       33"
Hips: 40"                                                                        40"
Weight: 170 (I haven't weighed this since moved to TN!!)   165.5


  1. You are too hard on yourself. The photos are not unflattering. Ooh what race are you doing in Vegas? I was thinking about doing the Red Rock Canyon one there in March:)

  2. I never thought to look for race coupon codes on that site. You are a genius! You have made some great progress with the reset program!

  3. I agree with Rachelle- you don't look bad at all! Way to go kicking off the program. My body got used to a few many sweet treats over the holidays and might need a fresh start, too... but with the marathon coming, it's been a nice excuse for carbs and sugar this week. :)