Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Healthy Valentine's Exchange

Can you believe Valentine's Day is less than 1 month away? Where does the time go?  Remember when you were a little kid and you had to decorate a shoe box all fancy for your Valentine's Day Party and the other kids would drop little cards in your box?? I miss the simplicity of those days...

This year I'm bringing it back! (well sort of) I  decided to host my FIRST "Healthy Valentine Exchange" for the blog world to give me (and you) something different to look forward to this holiday!  No shoe box decorating required though... unless you want to?

Rules are simple and pretty much the same as other virtual exchanges you may have participated in the past. 
Email me at Lisarun2 (at) gmail (dot) com the following:
First and Last name
Favorite distance
Fun fact or anything you want your valentine to know about you :)
and if you' have a fellow blog- include your URL.
Price cap - anywhere from homemade to $15

I'll accept all entries up until Friday, Jan 25 and then I will match everyone up to their Valentine and re-email who your person is. What you get your Valentine is up to you, card, socks, stickers, gu,  etc, but try to be creative and think outside of the traditional box of chocolates as we know that our work places will already  be filled with fun treats. 

Thats it! Simple. Look forward to hearing from all of you and for once in quite some time, having a Valentine to send out haha. 

Do you have any favorite Valentine traditions when you were growing up?


  1. Great idea Lisa!! Being an elementary school teacher I get to relive those days every year!!! The only stress this year is now I have to figure out what my daughter is going to give for Valentine's. Growing up my favorite was my Dad. He used to steal our crayons and paper and make my sister and I each a Valentine. He did it all through high school!!

  2. love this idea! are you setting a dollar limit? i LOVED making that valentines box for class each year. as an adult, even in a relationship, i don't like this holiday!

  3. What a fun idea! My favorite tradition as a child was passing out Valentines in class. Decorated shoe box and all!

  4. This sounds fun! I miss decorating the Valentines box too. It would be hilarious to have one as adults at our jobs. Can you imagine all the inappropriate cards?? HAHAHAHA!!!