Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Meet my Van

Team Too Legit To Quit- Van 1
Week before the race, one of our girls decided due to hip injury it would be best to sit it out, therefore only 5 runners were in van 1-  3 of the guys to double up on legs. I've known Scott since 8th grade and the rest of the guys I've met when I would visit him every year in college- to say they're all pretty close is an understatement ;)

Runner 1- Scott aka Nolf
Living in Tampa, he doesn't have the opportunity to really train on hills- lot of his legs had hills, but he performed quite well. He's definitely the 'life of the party' with everyone- same sense of humor as myself which is probably why we've remained friends all this time!!!

Runner 2- Russ aka Moose

Happy to get out of cold Chicago and join us in the dessert heat. Out of the guys, he runs the least but still a great runner. Unlike everyone else in the van, he didn't run the TN Ragnar with us, but I was amazed at how we got along famously! Truly a compassionate person who looks out for you when you need it! 

Runner 3- yours truly! unfortunately no nickname

Clearly no introduction needed. It takes a strong lady to stick it out with 4 guys through all the farts, crude humor, smelly shoes, random gayness between them  etc.... I think I passed with flying colors

Runner 4- Kyle aka Sloan or Boner 
Hailing from Greensboro, NC Kyle is truly a BEAST- one of the fastest on our team and hawks down people like killing is going out of style. His running form is flawless and so efficient- I can only hope one day to be as fluid as he is. 

Runner 5- Craig aka Craiggers

Just like Kyle, he also  lives in North Carolina (Raleigh)  & hes one of the fastest runners on the team. He excels at longer distances and is probably the most consistent out of everyone in terms of times.  The guys give him a hard time because he generally gets the better elevation change. I think it made was made up seeing as his last leg (combo of 2 legs totaling 10 miles) was a slight gradual uphill for 10 miles on this dusty dirt path- we probably gained the most ground on this leg as he passed probably a good 60 people and caught up to the teams that started much sooner than us.

Together we all make up the awesome Van 1 of Team Too Legit to Quit
Russ, Kyle, Scott, Craig, me- If you can't tell- it the 2 legit 2 quit hand signs! 


  1. LOVE IT! you are a total rock star for representing the female side of your van all by yourself. definitely think you held your rocked the relay! and ummm your team dominated!!!! this was a fun one for is one of my faves!

  2. hahah this is so cool! And what a fete to survive as the solo lady! I still can't get over the costumes and props haha!

  3. even though i've already seen pics, still lovin' the matching gold pants :)

  4. What a rad team ... love that last team photo with the hand signs!!