Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wordless Wednesday- Ragnar Edition

When:Oct 21-22 
What: Ragnar Las Vegas 
Team Name: Too Legit To Quit
Theme: 90s rap star / back up dancers

Got my Mc Hammers pants (for cheering) and Zebra spandex (for running) in the mail, so I thought I'd show them off - no worries, I'll be getting fake gold chains shortly- try not to be jealous of my AWESOME dance moves 

Better close up of my sweet spandex

When: Nov 4-5
What: Tennessee Ragnar
Team Name: Trunk Monkeys- recently changed from Honey Badger since there were SO MANY teams with that name
Theme: still confused what we're doing
Here is a youtube video of where the 'trunk monkey' comes from. Any ideas on how to incorporate this into our theme is GREATLY appreciated 

Anyone else doing the Vegas or TN Ragnar?!?

Also there are 8 of us in the process of trying to complete our Colorado Ragnar Team which takes place last weekend in July- still looking for a few more awesome ladies to join our team. If interested comment or email me at


  1. Oh I would love to do a relay!!! LOVE the MC Hammer pants!! Perfect! Pretty sure I had a pair....or middle school!!

  2. JEALOUS of your pants. EVERYONE...come run with us in CO!!! wooo hoooo!

  3. I'm pretty sure someone at work HAD to have heard me laughing just now! That video was gnarly, dude!

    I totally got arm sleeves that match your spandex shorts! I'm debuting them this month at a Halloween race!

    Where did you find those pants??

  4. Why didn't you dance like that at Oktoberfest?

  5. Yes!!! Oh man, I can't wait to start scheming up things for our team in CO!! :D :D

  6. Love the pants and the dance. My son wanted to know what I was laughing about :)

    I would love to run a relay. Can you email me the details?

  7. Holy crap! That video rocks, especially the pants! I didnt know there was a Ragnar in Tennessee! That sounds like a spot I need to bring my Bourbon Chase team to!