Thursday, October 20, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. My first thank you goes to everyone would left such amazing advice on my Quality vs. Quantity post. I have a lot of options to consider come mid November when I can start seriously training.

2.I tried to get my feedback to those who commented, however many of you do not have the email option- i.e. when you comment on my blog, it sends me an email to my gmail account and from there I can reply directly back to your email. A large part of you still have the if that is intentional, than by all means continue. However if you are wanting to get more out of your blogging simply go to your 'edit your profile' and insert your email address. Then when you leave a comment on someone's blog, as long as they get email notifications, they can simply just reply directly to you!

3. Next thank you goes to all of you who voted on which top i should wear for tomorrow's Vegas Ragnar. Combo of your comments + co-workers + roommate and it was hands down....

HOT PINK top. Also-- my friend Ashley gave me bangs!!! Yay for finally having the humidity be gone for awhile! 

And yes, we will be wearing shades... if not for running, then at least for our MC HAMMER DANCE

Now if I could just decide which one I'm going to wear....

Will be away from blog land for a bit - everyone enjoy the next few days- if you're in Vegas for the Ragnar.... get your party pants on!


  1. Good luck in Vegas, baby!

    Hey, regarding #2--the way I changed back from a no comment was editing my profile, click the box that says show email address.

    I think the directions you gave were to get comments from your own blog dropped into your own email, which I like to do as well.

    Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Loving the bangs :) glad the pink won!

  3. haha nice choice! I think you look great with the bangs...and if those are silver rimmed in there...definitely those!

  4. Have so much fun in Vegas! And yes, I'm beyond jealous.

  5. Have fun in Vegas... I know many runners who will be joining in on the fun in sin city. Love the hot pink top and those cute little shorts.

  6. Your bangs are cute!!

    Have a blast in Vegas!!

  7. great choice on the outfit.. you are rockin' that pink top!! hope you have a BLAST IN VEGAS!!! and can't wait to read all about. love the bangs!

  8. uber jealous you are doing the vegas ragnar! i need to get a team together for that next year!!

  9. Have fun on ragnar!! I'm dying to do one so I can't wait to read about it!

  10. Hope you had a great weekend! Love the pink shirt, and the bangs!!! :0)