Sunday, October 9, 2011

Why I love fall

So as I'm sure all of you out there who are also in the warmer regions of the US, fall is a time where running is MUCH more pleasant. You no longer have to wake up EXTREMELY early to get the bulk of your run done before the sun comes up. Of course there is also the added beauty of the array of assortment of colors in nature as the leaves are starting to change. I love fall for these reasons, but also for something much more....


My dad was in the army for 20+ years- early part of my childhood was spent in Germany. I LOVE German beer, brats, sauerkrat, snitzel, german potatoe salad, lederhosen etc.  Yesterday was Nashville's Oktoberfest, so naturally I HAD TO GO.
Although it wasn't as authentic as other ones I've been to (infact it was a giant cluster mess) I still had a good time with good friends:

Part of the group Kristi, Shannon, me, Tricia, Stephen 

Funnel cake + Franziskaner beer- YUM

Beer just tastes BETTER when served by a man wearing lederhosen 

My 2 favorite Brits- Daniel & Stephen 

Ran into Jill @ Run for the Hills
This is my 'cheesy smile'

Resting- me, Tricia, Shannon

Being goofy 

We decided to go to one of my fave restaurant / bars afterward-Flying Saucer after the fest was over. This is our "flying" imitation

So that was pretty much my excitement for the weekend.

What did you do this weekend?
Worked early on saturday, Oktoberfest, 9 mile run, cleaning my place

What is it that YOU LOVE about fall?
changing leaves, Oktoberfest, pumpkin beer, pumpkin patches (went to my first one last year HERE), NO HUMIDITY


  1. looks like a blast!! flying saucer was my fave spot in college!! there was one about 5min from our apt... the hubs is somewhere over 100 beers in the beernurd club. i wish the one in nashville wasn't so damn far away!

  2. we went to the oktoberfest they had on post here in Korea... it was pretty fun, but I had way too much German wine lol.

  3. WHAT!?! that seriously looks like the most fun event ever! super jealous! i worked all weekend...blah. but counting down the days till vegas ragnar!

  4. Fun! I don't drink beer. I don't eat brats. But dang it, I love a good German party! (I blame that on the fact that I am a mostly German girl - but then why on earth can I not eat German food??)

    Looks like a great time!