Thursday, October 13, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. This week I have another double weekend planned! It will be my first time EVER to the east coast, crazy right?!?
Saturday- ING Hartford 1/2 marathon
  • the medal is a castle- YAY! this is last years and its similar this year
  • Dave Mari will be there, so I will have a familiar place in a new land... and of course a  half fanatic photo meet up
  • will have time to kill after race to tour the city before picking up B & L from airport

  • Rooming with Becka and L so I'm not by my lonesome
  • We're all 3 planning to be 'matchy matchy'
  • Dave Mari will be at this one too, so tons of photo ops and HF photo again. 
  • Flat course- my legs will be dead and need to work as little as possible. 
2. Yesterday Lauren @ Duck on the Run had a post about random keywords people typed in to find her blog. After chuckling at her result of seeing 'torture myself' as one of the searches that someone typed in that led to her blog, I decided to do the same for me.  Oh man! Not only did I have one search for this, but 2......
" I have explosive diarrhea" ------ WHAT?!?! How embarrassing. I thought it might be my St. Louis or Presque Isle race recap, both both of them just said the word 'digestive issues' - now its going to drive me crazy figuring out where in my blog i've talked about explosive diarrhea!! 

I'd love to hear some of your funny keyword searches. 

Go to dashboard, stats, traffic sources and scroll down. I had 160 keyword of "dorothy" for when I dressed up for the Oz 1/2- which is one of the photos in my header! 

3. I think I decided I'm going to get a running coach. I never have a plan for myself when I run, I just go. I don't do speed workouts, hill workouts, tempo runs, intervals etc. I know I should.... I REALLY know I should, but yet I can't motivate myself. It's frustrating to know that I could be a better and more efficient runner if I put forth some effort. I truly think what will work for me to start off with is if  I have a specific plan to follow to cater to what I'm looking for (essentially break 1:50s)  I've heard great things about running coaches, so looking for any input:

What are your thoughts (good or bad) on having a running coach??


  1. Fun weekend!!!! I think the running coach thing sounds interesting and I knooow it'd get me doing a better variety of runs.. But I also feel it would suck some joy out of runs. I like running by "feel"

  2. I would love to have a running coach. Right now I'm still so new to it all I can improve just by putting in the time but once I get to the speed you're at, I think it would definitely be worth it. Good luck this weekend--you will have a great time, I can't believe you've got back to back races!!!

  3. Of course Dave Mari will be there! He is the most trusty runner EVER! :)

    And how fun you get to be with the lovely matchy matchy duo. Have a great time!!!

  4. bahaha those search keywords can really make you and stop and think "what kind of blog do people think this is??" LOL

    dude, that medal looks so cool!

  5. wow!!!! so excited for your races and that medal is definitely sweet! and LOVE RI! after meeting you all and talking to Jill...a coach seemed like a good idea to me too but I think i need to figure out more about how it works, how much it costs, etc. good luck this weekend!

  6. You are I live pretty close! I'm in Lexington, KY! Do you ever do trail half marathons or fulls in Chattanooga? They're pretty fun! Check out the Rock City website. I almost did the Country Music race last year.

    I had a running coach and my friend had a different one too and one of the things that we realized was that often they think of our bodies and our ability as their bodies and ability. I ended up getting TOO FAST and coming down with IT Band problems so just be cautious!

  7. Hey there! Julia told me to check you out because I too will be at the Newport race! I am attempting my first marathon there, but I did the half last year and LOVED it! I PR'd by like 15 minutes! Good luck this weekend with the double header!! Maybe we will run into each other down in RI!

  8. I think running coaches are great! It helps to have a go to person. Good luck this weekend!!!

  9. Just reading this now & realizing you were at Hartford today! so sad, I would have loved to meet up! If you ever head out this way again, let me know!!