Saturday, October 29, 2011

Who inspires you?

Women Inspiring Other Women

Last week Amanda from Runninghood made a post HERE about women who inspire other women both who she has met in real life, but also via blogs. If you don't follow Amanda yet, you really should. Aside from being a talented woman who juggles a home, 3 kids, a husband and running (she is SPEEDY), she also takes time just for her. She stresses the importance of having an inner peace within  yourself and reflecting on the day and all the joy it has brought. I've learned so much this past year just by reading her posts. 

Moving on: 

She had chosen a few bloggers that she follows to highlight and how they inspire her differently and had suggested if you feel the urge, to do the same.  Ashley @ Redonk Runner hopped on board and created her list HERE- I was so touched to know she mentioned me because I have a tendency to just ramble, that I never thought anyone would actually gain much from reading what I had to say. (Glad to know you do Ash) Again if you don't read her- you should check her out. Aside from her hilariousness, she's candid and has the perfect balance of  introspection, questions for all, and tips shes learned throughout her training. She is probably the most disciplined runner (which I'm TRYING to work on) and just last weekend she ran a half marathon without her Garmin (waiting for a new one to be delivered) and ran 13 min faster than she's ever ran before- KILLING her original goal by 10 min all by just 'listening to her body' and not letting her garmin determine where she should be--- ah I'm learning so much. 

So obviously Amanda and Ashley inspire me, but I wanted to spread the love  to other  bloggers as well. I want to keep adding to this list, so for my first addition I'm just choosing 3 ladies who I've met on several occassions- believe me, there are so many MORE of you that inspire me, but I want to have multiple of these posts.  If you already follow them, great, I hope they inspire you too! If not, check them out to see if you learn a thing or two. 

 B and I have met at several different races and stayed together for our Rhode Island 1/2 a few weeks back. Becka is the first blog I ever found (via daily mile) and although I already had a goal to run a half marathon in each state, it was finding her blog that inspired me to start blogging about it. If it weren't for her, I wouldn't know this whole online world existed! She used to be a smoker with some pounds to shed and now she is itty bitty and has the greatest endurance of all my running friends (umm 50 mile race without ever running over a 50k? crazy) Out of everyone I follow she is probably the one I would say  who wants the absolute most out of her races and is willing to try anything once. She's traveled to Greece, Russia, China, and Bermuda all last year for races, and her schedule for 2012 is even more intense. She ends her journey this may by completing her 50th state in Vermont, and since I haven't done that state yet, you can count on me being there to help be a small part in what has surely been a life changing journey for her! 

Disney 1/2- we ran a few miles together and had some great photo ops

Wickedly Fast 1/2 in Kansas- all inspired by Dorothy 

Matchy Matchy in Rhode Island

Julia is the type of gal that makes you feel like you've known eachother forever. A lot of us know her as the lady who leaves the most genuine and meaningful comments on our blogs. She always has something nice to say. She embodies one of my favorite quotes:
"Truth is, if you come in contact with someone,
you either leave them feeling better about themselves, 
or worse,
but you never leave them unaffected."
In the short time I've had to get to know Julia, I am constantly reminded of how far a compliment can really go for someone. I first met her at a blogger meet up a few months back, and then recently we met up twice at the Vegas Ragnar. We both have a great affinity for Ragnars and the relationships it can build / strengthen with your teammates, that we decided to do an all lady blogger relay! I'm happy to report we are finalizing a team as we speak for this year's Colorado Ragnar in July- so excited to see her again and meet more wonderful bloggers :) 

Finish Line @ Vegas w/ her and Rachelle
Paris Casino! 

Jill is 'technically' a fellow Nashvillian. Truth be told she lives out in the country about an hour outside of Nashville.  I happened to find her in the Nashville network for daily mile and then stumbled on her blog. I first  RANDOMLY met her when flying back from the Disney Princess 1/2. We were both at the baggage claim @ Nashville airport and she actually recognized me and asked if I was Lisa from Because I can- talk about a compliment! Aside from our shared sense of humor and great taste in beer, another reason why I just love Jill is that she goes out of her way to help others- must be the 'mommy part' of her. She has a great amount of determination to not only do whats best for her family, but to strengthen herself as a runner. I'm so excited to see how she does in her FIRST marathon, St. Jude, in December. I'm probably MORE excited to have her on my TN Ragnar Team for next weekend- TEAM TRUNK MONKEY! and of course for our Colorado Relay in the summer!
Jill, Ashley, me, Stephanie @ blogger meet up

At Nashville Oktoberfest

So these 3 ladies have not only inspired me to be a better runner, but also a better person. I'm fortunate enough to have been able to hang out with them and they have transformed from the 'virtual wold' into an actual friend. I hope I'm able to add to this list, but in the mean time, I will have additional posts of others who inspire :)

Any bloggers inspire you??

Have you had the opportunity to make some real friendships via blogging?


  1. Lisa, thank you SO much. This made my day! You have no idea what an inspiration you are to me and to so many others! Nothing solidifies friendship like 32 hours in a van; get ready, sister! I'm SO excited to Ragnar with you.

  2. I love this! Three beautiful and inspirational women!

  3. you are so sweet to include me! thanks for the kind words and i was honored to remind you of that quote! you are seriously awesome...a true inspiration to me as your perseverance and determination to reach your goals is amazing! i have LOVED running into you and hope we can run into each other again soon. cant wait to see you again! i of course LOVE jill as freaking hilarious. and strong. truly amazing. and becka i dont know but seriously...what an accomplishment coming up and to get to travel to all those awesome races and places...seriously cool!

  4. GREAT GREAT Post... thank you!!! the girls i've met are exactly what you said! jill and julia rock :)

  5. Great post! Thanks for sharing! I haven't seen their blogs before and will follow them now :)

  6. I totally echo you with Becka! I still remember the first time I started reading her blog, then proceeded to catch up on nearly every single post. Then meeting her multiple times ... I can confirm that yes, she is freaking awesome!

  7. Thank you so much for including me :) I think you are awesome too! I'm super impressed with your speed, and your outlook on being healthy and balance, etc.

    Can't wait to catch up with you at more races, and as you know, I don't mind repeating a state :)