Thursday, October 27, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. Just got an email from my Trunk Monkey Nashville Ragnar Team that we are submitting a video- we have to film on tuesday the scene from the end of the Hangover movie when Zach Galifinakas finds the camera and they look at the photos and then it goes into the 'fun times' they had.... I'm playing Zach Galifinakas' role--- dear lord.

2. Its Halloween celebration at work today. All teams must dress up together and our team chose Candyland- don't know what I would do without a hot glue gun

3. I have not made my race schedule for 2012 yet- all I know is I'm for sure doing the Colorado Ragnar Relay. Infact, after next weekend when I complete the TN Ragnar, I have NO PLANS.
I am open to ANY SUGGESTIONS on where to race!!! 


  1. Have you done Missouri yet?

    The rock the parkway half in Kansas City is supposed to be a pretty good race. It's in mid-April.

    I think I am going to run it for my 2nd ever half marathon.

    ps It may actually be in Kansas...or a little of both.

  2. I so desperately want to find a half to do in Oregon on 6/24 so you can come do Seattle on 6/23. Haven't found it yet, but am keeping my eye out.

  3. This is AWESOME!!! You have to show us all this video when it is done and put together!!

    Glue guns are so much fun! I have been brain storming my Vegas RnR outfit - and I think a glue gun is in order. My inspiration is Circus Circus. I just might end up running while looking like a tacky booth at a Denny's!

  4. Love the costume.
    LOL. You are welcome to join me at any of my billion scheduled races (or suggest something SUPER AWESOME and you could convince me to join YOU). I'm a planner, what can I say :)

  5. ohhhhh! awesome! candy land is so fun...i would love to be in the real life version ;) ummmm so one of your races needs to be a utah half marathon so you can stay with me while i STILL live here. you have till september to get on that! like maybe the utah valley half? or bryce canyon half?

  6. that is insanely awesome your group did that!! I wish our company was able to let loose a little more but people are kinda stuffy

    I may do the ragnar with you ladies!

  7. LOVE the Candyland theme. Was wondering why we didn't do it for Ragnar. Instead I'm at home making 90 tiny monkeys to tag other vans with.

    My computer DIED. I had to install a new hard drive and rebuilt. Good times.

    I thought we were filming Monday!?
    At least you have more than one line. I call Jason a jerk. That's it.