Monday, October 31, 2011

Beauty in the run + geese attack

Originally I had contemplated on driving to Louisville on Saturday to race in the Big Hit 1/2 marathon with B & L on Sunday. Louisville is my home away from home + I have tons of friends there who I need to catch up with. Ultimately it came down to just having a weekend to relax, organize clean etc since this weekend is TN Ragnar and next weekend I have out of town guests.

I decided to just go on a nice slow run around my hood and just revel in the sights and GORGEOUS weather- 60s + sunny + nice cool breeze---- I will take that any day!

Because all the leaves are changing + rolling hills I decided to make my run more enjoyable by taking some photos of what I get to see- who knew that by doing so it would be my faster run EVER of that distance- 10 miles @ 8:09 average pace!!!  Below are photos taken throughout the run so you can slightly enjoy what I get to see when I go out.

Mile 2ish- Enter McKay's Mills- this portion is cookie cutter homes- reminds me of witness protection

Nice long downhill which turns into a MAJOR uphill--- time to wake up quads! 

Mile 5- this is the hard part of my run because its downhill but I have to run in the grass since the road isn't wide enough- great for working out my stabilizers and makes me conscious of my footing

LOVE when the trees are red 

How gorgeous would this be to come into your housing development everyday and see this waterfall?

This is about .5 mile away from work- on the day of my interview I drove around to kill time and I remember stumbling across this beauty in awe. 

Passing by work- aka exchange 30 at TN Ragnar 

This is part of my run that I do everyday since its right past work - downhill + winding uphill (if you click on photo to see bigger it gives you a better idea of what lays ahead--- I hate it) 

the little pond is so peaceful  today- where are all the geese 

there they are. They didn't like me taking their photo, and no lie, they chased me after it- lets just say that mile split was faster than some of the others.

After my run I rewarded myself with a shower (duh) and $4 bloody mary + food with one of my best friends Stephen- great Sunday


  1. This IS a good Sunday. Geese are crazy... I'm kinda scared of them. haha

  2. That is some beautiful scenery to run past! GREAT job on your run, that is a killer pace to keep up for 10 miles!

  3. i've run that same look so many times! so pretty!

  4. gorgeous!! ugh, I had a very bad experience with geese when I was little... let's just say, feeding them pringles is fun... until you run out and they start hissing and charging. =/

  5. LOVE the pics! especially the one of the red leaves. oh...and no big deal that you are SO SPEEDY!

  6. Great pics! Looks like a nice place to run! Missed you on Sunday!

  7. Geese scare me! As a child I was chased and bit by one and since them I ran off when they come close :)

    Beautiful run! I can see myself living in this house :)

  8. That is so pretty! I love the trees, the water, the geese, NOT the hill, and wow - that house and the waterfall. Impressive!!