Friday, February 24, 2012

5 for Friday

1. Lady luck is on my side for this week- i've had several co-workers come up to me to ask for a quick 'rub' hoping luck will come off them.

  • Got a PR in Austin
  • Found a cheap round trip flight to NY for next month's race
  • Won free roundtrip air fare tickets from work yesterday
  • Today won 4 suite tickets to tomorrow's Predators game

2. Surprisingly I had quite a few of you email after reading my Livestrong Recap and noticing in one of my photos the "organization" of my headbands

 I actually have way more bands, but those are my 'often worn' ones. If you're a lady runner, I'm sure you've tried some company's headband before. Majority of them all work the same, but what I love about Chica bands is the price point, and variety. I'm a sucker for a  good deal, so generally I'll wait to go to expos for their 3 for $30 deal, or check out their facebook HERE for certain specials going on.
My favorite is this bad boy below because it's happy, fun, and VERSATILE- I probably wear it at least 1-2x a week (hard to tell, but its different colored peace signs)

3. Yesterday after work I found out my plans weren't happening till 8pm, so with my free time I got in an unplanned run.... not just any run, an 8 mile during the week run. This NEVER happens- I am consistently a 5 mile  on my lunch break during the week kind of girl. Even better was I felt quite lethargic but finished with an 8:24 pace -- woo woo

4. I've actually never ran past a half marathon distance (well maybe 13.5 miles), so in preparation for the ultra relay in May, I decided that I should probably explore past the 13 mile land this weekend. I was originally thinking 14-14.5 miles, but somehow J convinced me it would be a good idea to do 16 miles together on Sunday, EEEeekkk (mixed emotions of nervousness / excited to enter new 'territory')

5. Last week I exclaimed from the roof tops how excited I was about my Handful Bra that came in the mail HERE--- well I officially tested it out this past weekend for the race, and I'm proud to announce I'm in LOVE. I normally try to follow the rules of 'nothing new on race day' BUT I was too antsy and had to test it out. Zero chaffing, ultra comfort, and lets be honest--- its flattering in the chest region
recycled photo
Obviously Handful is targeted for a certain chest population, so if you fit into that category, I would HIGHLY recommend them :) 

Have a great weekend everybody! 


  1. With your handful bra, I think we look almost the same size in that picture, (if so, then you got the "more than a handful bra", hehe).

    My goodness, did you have a run of luck this week. Makes me want to run off and check airfares right now for later this year.

  2. I'm trying my Handful this weekend. Love the color and fit but I'm not sure how well it will work for running.

    My long run this weekend is 13.1 just for fun since I didn't get to run a half this month. Good luck with your 16! New territory can be fun!

  3. I haven't tried my handful for running yet (will be doing that next week), but I wore it for weights today and loved it! pretty much forgot I had a bra on because it was so comfy. I'm ordering a ton more because I love it as a regular daily bra too!

    And I haven't run further than a half either... and I'm already planning on doing an ultramarathon next year... odd. lol

  4. You are a lucky girl, indeed! Good job on your mid-week long run. That is awesome!!

  5. handfuls are the best! I do everything in mine. I definitely fit into that certain chest category! Love your matching skirts.

  6. I want your luck to make it through my half next month after a month of limited running. Handful bra huh... I may be more than a handful for it

  7. Ooh I'm excited about your new mileage! I had plans of doing that today - but things did NOT work at all. Maybe next weekend though.

    I hear a lot of good things about handful bras. I barely have a handful - so maybe I should check them out!

  8. I just won a Handful bra and I'm excited to try it.

    Good luck with your long runs preparing for the ultra relay!