Monday, February 13, 2012

My first ever 'winter race'

I didn't want to go into a lot of detail in my last post about the Cedar's Frost bite 1/2 because the focus of my recap was more for Sherry than it was about the race itself. So here is more of some thoughts leading up to / during the race

I convinced Ashley to do this race with me about a week ago, so I knew I'd have some company on the drive. I'd like to think I have mad persuasive skills considering I convinced a co-worker I just met, Jack, to run this race only days before- he had to pay the late fee- a whopping $13. 

We all car pooled together, and despite each of us having different goals for the race, warmed up together. Although I'm an excellent stretcher, I normally don't warm up so this was a nice change of pace--- especially since it was 24 degrees and windy, I needed the extra warmth from blood flow. 

Photo repeat - Before warming up 

The Good
  • race was semi-local- 45ish minute drive
  • Registration was $6 sans shirt and medal. Technically it was $8.50 after text, but still a great steal
  • Everyone there seemed to be FAST. If you like competition, and passing people, this is the race for you. 
  • Small race, about 600, so no overcrowding
  • They had the walkers start 1 hour before the runners- so no people to trip over right when the gun goes off. 
  • free pizza afterward... and coke. I LOVE a little bit of coke after a long run, rarely get to do it. 
  • had an indoor center that shielded us from freezing temps before and after race. 
  • despite a hard race and walking a ton in the end, still a descent time- 1:53:47
  • First race I ran for a purpose- For Sherry 
The Bad
  • start time 11am- great for sleeping in, difficult for figuring out what to eat and then it taking up a large part of your day because you finish later than what you're used to 
  • during the trails it was single file and it took a LOT of effort to pass- had to zig zag from one side of the trail to the next in order to do so. 
  • the weather- low 20s and windchill. I actually ran in tights, long sleeve, and gloves- only removed the gloves sometime into mile 3. My body likes the cold, but it makes my nose run and I had to stop frequently to blow my nose ( i've tried running and blowing.... apparently that needs to be worked on along with my talking and running)
  • scenery was boring and depressing
  • no spectators and only 3 water stops--- I actually don't need spectators, and the 3 stops were fine considering the conditions, but if you are the type of person who needs these two items, bad move to do this race

The Ugly
  • the whole first half of the race--long hills on uneven gravel and potholes My legs haven't been this beat up since the crappy terrain of the Mississippi Blues 1/2. Finally got a break  sometime after mile 6 
  • No idea if it was mental or if my body really did give up, but shortly after Ashley passed me around  mile 9.5ish, I just died. I was freezing and my legs were so sore WHILE running (normally get sore afterward) that I decided to walk every so often. 
  • 2 mile stretch at the end of upward hills running along the highway- I hate when I can see forever in the distance of where I'm trying to run to.... especially when I'm exhausted. 
  • To sum it up--- HARDEST 1/2 on my body in a LONG time. My hamstrings are actually sore, and they NEVER get sore.
Although the race was difficult, I'm glad to get some serious hill and uneven terrain  training under my belt. It reconfirmed how important it is to have tissues handy, as well as updating my ipod so when a motivating song comes on, my body will respond positively. 

Considering the conditions, we all did well-  me just under 1:54, Ashley just under 1:51, and Jack with the big win and a new PR- 1:34. He's training to qualify for Boston 2013, a 3:05 marathon time, so although we ran together on Thursday, he's WAY out of my league for everyday training runs. 

The numbers

Mile 1- 7:46 (was aiming for an 8:30- way off pace)
Mile 2- 8:07
Mile 3- 8:47
Mile 4- 8:12
Mile 5- 8:34
Mile 6- 7:56 (woo off the trails)
Mile 7- 8:47
Mile 8-8:55
Mile 9- 8:03 (Du Hast came on play list and gave me some running mojo)
and then some serious walking
Mile10- 9:14
Mile11- 9:51
Mile12- 9:42
Mile 13- 9:13
Mile.12- 6:05


  1. Great job, lady! Sounds like a seroiusly challenging race and, despite the conditions, you rocked it!!!

  2. Great job in tough conditions!!! I'm not a fan of later starts either. My 20 miler on Saturday starts at 11 and I'm not sure what or when to eat! We have to take the ferry over at 8:15 so it will need to be portable!!

  3. Great job! I hat the cold so I feel your pain. Way to get through it in under 2!

  4. Sounds like an extremely rough race, but you still did a wonderful job!!

  5. Wow, you guys are so fast! Great job pushing yourself and still running an impressive time! (I am in the middle of typing up my race report from yesterday and I'm doing the good, the bad, and the ugly too!)

  6. again, still so impressed with this race! i haven’t attempted (and probably wont for a while) a trail race. i know it would hurt and i am clumsy. so good for you. and still a great time on a course like that!! and in the cold. boo.

  7. In awe of your time! Great job Lisa.

  8. i cant believe the terrain was so crazy! you all are awesome for rocking it!