Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Do you relay run?

The last few days my mind and internet search browser has been locked in one one main topic-- running relays.

So far this  year I have 3 overnight relays planned, and all 3are put on by different organizations- there are some pros, some cons, but regardless each is unique in different ways and I'm sure it will be a blast

                                                 New Balance Race to the Beach Relay- May 18-19
Reach the Beach Relay
  • this has my running world turned upside down as I'm frantically trying to throw a makeshift plan together to prepare for an ultra relay.
  • regardless of how much I train, I know its going to suck. Its been since summer/early fall 2010 since I've followed any type of training plan. I'm literally lost. I know I need to increase mileage, thats a no brainer- what I don't know is how to do it SMART so I don't have a repeat or last year's ITBS ordeal. 
  • Unfortunately they haven't posted the legs yet- but the team captain knows to give me the lowest amount of legs-- still be about 30 miles, but hey its better than 36 lol 
                                      Colorado Relay - Vail to Aspen to Breckenridge! July 27-28
  • all lady blogger relay! Our lovely captain Julia H just announced our legs tonight!
  • Van 1
  • Van 2
  • I met Vanessa, Julia, Ashley, and Jill H all originally awhile back at our blogger meet up,  hence where our idea for a blogger relay originated. Jill H and I ran Ragnar TN together where she handed off to me- seems fitting that I'll be handing off to her this go round. 
  • The extreme elevation is of concern- my first 2 legs are relatively short, but the last leg... the leg where you're already tired from running, being cramped in a van, and little sleep- thats a douzey. 7 miles starting at 7,000 ft elevation and finishing at 8,000 ft elevation--- a steady climb the whole way- ick I'd  rather just get it over with vs. having to draw it out over 7 miles. Regardless of everyone dealing with lack of oxygen (some ladies have to run in 10,000 feet elevation) I think we'll have a B.L.A.S.T
                                                                        Bourbon Chase- Sept 28-29
  • Even though this is the farthest out, I'm captain, thus there is a lot of pre planning with hotels, van assignments, themes, team names etc. 
  • I'm excited that I get to run this relay with my brother Eric (i'll be handing off to him), as well as this will be B's first relay as well as probably one of her first big races off her hip stress fracture. She's doing well- still on the crutches so we can always hear when shes coming at work. I believe she gets off her crutches in March ( a solid 6 weeks on them) and will probably be a religious user of the Galloway method until her strength and confidence builds up :) 
  • What I'm not so excited about is how much stress this has put me through the last several days. We're having a  hard time with van choices, themes, team names etc and not everyone can agree and its hard to get feeback from everyone.  I guess that is a major difference between a serious runner who wants everything to get done and is just used to doing what I'm told, vs. people that are there to just have fun and there is some running involved here and there-lol I need to remind myself of our differences. 
So for anyone out there that has never done a relay- obviously Ragnar has the most locations across the US, however as you can see there ARE other organizations as well. Typical cost is about  $1200 for a team (100 per person) so its a realistic race fee- then you just have to be smart about budgeting for hotels, vans (about $100-$150) and if you're going out of town- whatever your travel expenses may be 

Happy Running


  1. Woooohooooo year of the relay!! I'm both hoping (and not hoping) I become addicted lol!!

  2. And I'm totally ok with u kicking my ass if I ignore your emails :D

  3. Yikes...seeing the legs posted makes it feel all the more real! A million questions in my head!

  4. What a great opportunity to run with all those amazing running bloggers!!!! Congrats to you all for being part of the team! This is certainly your year of the relay! I would love to do one...I'll have to find one this year!

  5. relays are the best. my favorite. love love love. i love our team. i love 2012. i am so dang excited. and everyone i know is also running the bourbon chase. so dang jealous.

  6. So excited. Clearly Van 1 is where it's at!

  7. Wow, that relay with all the bloggers will be so much fun. So excited to follow that one. I've done one relay and it was fun. I think having a great team is key.

  8. ooh, jealous :):) one day. one day.