Monday, February 6, 2012

Race Reveal

So the other day in my "in the last 48 hours" post I had mentioned that I had agreed to do a race I had no desire to ever complete, despite being asked a few times before.

So what changed?

2 things actually---

1.) I need to run with a purpose. I'm a little over a year into my 50 1/2 in 50 states quest and I'm nearing my half way point. I've realized that I can half ass it and pull off a descent (for me) time, so until I pull my head out of my ass and train harder, its not a big challenge like it use to be. I NEED to have something to PUSH me to WANT to be better, train harder... train for a purpose.

2.) Hands down the company I'll be with. Scott, Kyle, and Craig who I ran the Tennessee Ragnar Relay with in 2010, and this year's Vegas Ragnar, as well as Jodi who ran in Vegas with us as well.

So what is it???

The New Balance Beach Relay- ULTRA.

For those who are my facebook friends I said it was the New England Ragnar-- I completely misunderstood Scott when he asked if I wanted to do an ultra relay in Boston in may. Turns out Ragnar is the weekend before, whereas The Race to the Beach Relay is May 18-19 

For those that are unfamiliar with what Ultra means. A normal 200 mile relay is comprised of 12 runners who each take turns running a leg of the race, totaling 3 legs in 24+ hours. 

An ultra relay is the same distance covered by only 6 runners. So instead of running 6 different legs, you still run 3 legs, however, you actually run 2 legs in a row, thus you're covering the distance that normally 2 people would, but in one continuous run.  Actual legs aren't posted yet for this particular race, but I know each time I'm running it will range between about 10-17 miles- YIKES! For those that have never run a relay- there is something about being cooped up in a van with very little sleep that makes the miles harder to run come that last leg----  feels something like this

Its even a BIGGER ball game when after agreeing to do this race, the next thing out of Scott's mouth is "Okay I think we can win this, so I've figured out the mile averages for the boys, and the girls in order to pull this off"

Ya no pressure or anything.

So now I have to seriously up my mileage and start increase my weekly mileage, especially lengthen my long runs.

Yesterday was day one and I did a 13.2 mile training run- obviously I'm capable of this distance since I run 1/2s all the time, but I don't think I've ever ran a training run this far (normally 11 miles), and man did my legs and hips hate me. During races I'll open my stride more since I'm competing with the clock, but yesterday I was just lolly gagging around so I wasn't as focused on my stride. Let me tell you this- IT. MAKES. A. HUGE. DIFFERENCE

So anyone out there run an ultra relay before?!?!

Any advice?!?!

I'm thinking I may have to just start training as if I'm running a marathon, but I'd be excited if someone had a better and less taxing idea :)


  1. I have heard nothing but great things about Reach the Beach! You'll rock just need to work up to it!!

  2. My knees and calves are aching just reading about you doing this! What a true challenge, like 3 halfs in 24 hours, BOOM, take that Half Fanatics! I guess our Idaho/Oregon double two weeks before Reach the Beach will be child's play for you.

  3. Looks like a good one...I did a Ragnar as part of an ultra team. I'm sure you'll be just means even less sleep and more time in a van! :-)

  4. Wow that is a lot of running. But I am sure you will do great! I would like to do a relay one day. I look forward to hearing all about the training and the race!

  5. omg - I just had to back out of this, like literally just gave my spot to someone Saturday night!!! We could have met up a little early before Ragnar! I have never done an ultra relay, but I did the (what is now ragnar) one that you referenced the past two years (not doing that one either this year :( ) and it was a pretty cool experience running to Cape Cod!

  6. so exciting! i am clueless on all of this unfortunately. :) i can help with marathon training though when you are ready!! :):) that i have down!

  7. oh man. its my dream to do a relay ultra style! so excited for you!

  8. I don't have any advice, but I'm curious what other people say! During our WI/MN Ragnar, we met a few ultra teams - they were TOTALLY bad-ass. I'm looking forward to hearing more about your training!!! :)

  9. awwwww this is going to be awesome!!! i'm excited for you! those medals are pretty awesome too. considering that i've never run a relay, i have an unhealthy level of interest in running an ultra relay one day. i DID NOT know that the legs were doubled up like that though, i thought you just ran every sixth time. so basically kinda like 3 half marathons??? eek! good luck with the training!

  10. You must be so excited. I'm freaking out about 200 miles with a team of 12 and you're going to do it with 6. I'm in awe! Advice? I'm coming to you for ultra relay advice :)

    I know what you mean and agree about running with a purpose.

  11. I have run a 12 man ragnar team with 12 but never any more than that. I've run a marathon but when you add that lack of sleep I can imagine it gets tough!! You're strong! Up that mileage! Worst case scenario is always walking :)

  12. Amazing! That definitely is a challenge! Good luckwith the training. Maybe you should run a marathon a as training run :)