Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Why Austin was so awesome

First off I'm behind in all my Austin posts, and commenting on all of your blogs because I was a genius and left my lap top at security in the Austin airport. My only access to blogging is my computer at work and I have been CRAZY busy with appts, so its hit or miss on how much time I can spend blogging.  Lap top just arrived while typing this, so i'll get to my recap this evening.

Highlights: * disclaimer, most photos taken from Kim)
I had SO MUCH fun this trip for so many reasons
  • First and foremost, the awesome ladies I got to spend time with. Another race completed where I stayed with the always inspiring and entertaining B and sister L, but the the REAL treat was finally finally finally meeting Kim R
    • She is the  sweetest and most thoughtful womanr (gave me the best compliment EVER which changed my outlook on my confidence, which is something I've personally been working on for quite some time)
    • She is also my height- nice to not be the tower of the group for once
    • She's a great documenter with always remembering to take photos, something I'm still trying to perfect. 
    • Never met someone before who printed out a race map and had all the hills already marked off- although we all made fun of her for it, it really did help immensely.
    • She let me borrow her garmin to assist in my PR attempt--- SO appreciative for that :) 
    •   Miss her already--- I'm planning a *potential* reunion by joining her, and of course B and L in Colorado. Details in a week if all is finalized. 
L, Kim, me, B @ the expo

towering over the shorties

  • Free happy hours at Embassy Suites followed by all you can eat pasta pre race dinner- new comer to the group Laura- aka speed demon with the most adorable daughter. 
L, me, B, Kim, Laura
  • I have 3 friends (2 were sorority sisters, and 1 high school friend) who all live in Austin.  The girls I haven't seen since 2006, Mike since 2002. I got to meet up with all 3! (thank you facebook for connecting us back up) 
Carson was in my pledge class (ZTA) during college- last time I saw her was graduation. She is a store manager at Betty Sport, a female athletic store in Austin- naturally she was working the expo.

Mike and I ran track together since 8th grade. He was our class president and its my 10 year reunion this year. We chatted for probably 2 hours about running (hes trying to qualify for Boston) as well as details for our class reunion in September. (thanks for being a great sport Kim for sitting through it all ) 

Met up with my grandlittle in my sorority, Jen, for the most amazing breakfast. She's doing an internship in DC this summer, so we're trying to coordinate a run during those few months so we can do a better job at staying connected! 

  • The location where we stayed (south congress area) was an EASY walk to expo, race start, 6th street, and cool shopping. Since I was the last one to fly out on Monday, I spent several hours walking around by myself, exploring all the unique shops and such
 How fun is this sign?!?

 I'm like 12- thought this sign was hilarious

picture doesn't do it justice, but this is an outdoor music venue and bar- LOVE 

hard to see, but its a park of all different kind of food trucks-- in Nashville our food trucks travel around, but here in Austin you can just go to one place 

cute shops

  • for those who love owls like I do, I'm sure you can appreciate this- got 2 of these bad boys from a fair trade shop- they both can hang on the wall and you can put a votive candle in them. ADORABLE. Much bigger than the picture portrays

  • My theme of the weekend was "everything is bigger in Texas"- found a great commemorative shirt to remind me of this....
  • I think ABOVE ALL why Austin was great was despite a tough course, I got a PR and finally learned how to pace---(shocking i know)  obviously I'll go into detail on that in my recap
and with that-

great time, with great individuals, in a great city! 


  1. so glad to hear your trip was a blast! you practically read my mind with this post because i don't think i knew that you were in a sorority so when i read that i naturally thought "which one!?!" then kept reading to find out! we didnt have your sorority at Centre so I am unfamiliar with it but I was a Kappa! loved it! and miss my sisters lots! congrats on the PR!

  2. so glad you had fun and a big CONGRATS!! can’t wait to read your recap :):) i must admit, i am slightly jealous of your trip!! :)

  3. Aw, you are so sweet. It was great to finally meet you too (and I hope you can make it to Colorado...S wants to meet you in person, until then he will be continually watching your dance video, hehe.)

    Still trying to get the splits off the Garmin. I can get the pace you were going (like a snapshot) at each mile marker, but that's not what you need, S set me straight.

    Austin was the best place to REALLY start my 50 states journey. The next 45 are going to have to try really hard to beat this wonderful experience.

    Thanks for teaching me what a grandlittle is, who knew?

  4. Congrats on the PR! Can't wait to read about the race. Sounds like a great time:)

  5. Sounds like such a fun trip! Can't wait to read about the PR! I probably would have laughed at that sign too :) Cute owl!

  6. I never knew you were in a sorority either! This looks like such a fun weekend in Austin. I totally laughed at the "Everything is Bigger in Texas" printed across your chest, ha!

  7. This really does sound like a wonderful trip! My best girl friend is a ZTA, small world. You got to meet up with so many people while you were there. I'm with Vanessa-the shirt cracks me up!

  8. Looks like a perfect trip, including a PR! Congrats!!

  9. This looks like the raddest trip! And I completely agree, Kim is the best race friend you could ever have! She is a prepared woman!