Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Themes and team names

So many  GREAT things happened on Monday, I can tell its going to be a wonderful week leading up to Austin for the weekend!

1. Woke up in the morning to find a lovely facebook message from one of my bests, Scott (the culprit who convinced me to do the Ultra relay in May) Not only did he take my recommendation and check out my FAVORITE Nashville band, Kopecky Family Band, Sunday night while they were touring in Tampa, BUT he talked with the lead singer, Kelsey about me for 15 min before the show. She was so appreciative of my persistence in sharing their music, she took down my name and put me on the guest list for their show today, Valentine's day back in Nashville.

2.  Looks like we finally chose a theme for Bourbon Chase Relay in Sepetember--- let the chaffing begin

Bring on the spandex, leg warmers, knee high socks, afros, and mustaches!!!

3. Randomly enough my Race to the Beach Ultra Relay chose our theme today too-, what are the odds?!?! 

We're for sure doing LMFAO,  with animal print pants- now we're just deciding on the actual name. 
Considering 2 of the 3 of us ladies (myself and Jodi have zebra spandex for our Vegas relay, it seems only fitting to get some more use out of them

Sadly this is the only photo of me sporting my SWEET electric purple Zebra spandex. 
Towering over  Julia  and Rachelle 

Jodi rocking Neon pink zebra capris

 running funky, which is where Jodi and I got the above prized pieces, also has cow print, giraffe, leopard, peacock--- animal prints galore! My personal favorite is called "rainbow cat"--- how sweet is this fabric!??!

So it looks like I've got things rolling for May relay, for September relay.... now if we could just decide on our Blogger relay I'd be set. 

We're leaning toward a "beast mode" theme, but are unsure on how to dress for it. 
I think it would be fun to just go extremely girly- tutus, tiaras, sparkle skirts etc showing that you don't have to be "butch" to be a fast, strong, 'beastly' runner. Aside from that, I'm drawing blanks. 

4. One of my 3 best friends from high school, Toya, who I just so happen to be visiting next month in New York (and lets be honest, to scratch New York off my list) told me that she is having a baby girl and is due in June. In the last year all 4 of my best friends from different stages of my life have gotten pregnant- hs, college, and first job out of college- craziness. 

So looks like we won't be doing any crazy partying during my NY trip- drats. 

5. Lastly I came from work to a lovely package from the people over at Handful bras. Vanessa is AMAZING at getting sponsors, and Handful agreed to send us all free sports bras to wear for our Colorado Blogger Relay- whoop whoop. As I'm sure you all know from my pictures, I am not well endowed, which is fine because it fits my body frame. Us 'smaller folk' have a hard time trying NOT to look like a pubescent girl just beginning to blossom while wearing a sports bra, because our ladies get smooshed flat. 
I immediately ripped open the package to try on the bra--- You can't even tell i'm wearing a SPORTS bra!!!
yup, just looks like a normal bra under there

side view- doesn't it look so comfortable- it is! Yes, I know I need a tan 

I'm packing this bad boy to Austin this weekend to test out for the race-- I know I know, nothing new on race day. Well I'm that confident just by wearing it that it will work out great, so fingers crossed. I'll review it in a week or so. 

Anything good happen to start your week out great?!?
free show, 2 relay teams deciding on name and theme in 1 day, pregnant BF, AND free stuff in the mail- bring on the week!! 


  1. OMG you have the best relay themes EVER! I'm so looking forward to doing my very first relay this June!
    Yay for handful bras! Love!

  2. I'm do excited about the LMFAO theme for your ultra!!!! That is going to be so fun, now y'all just need to learn their dances :) and yay for the 80s for bourbon!

  3. How much fun are you!!
    Thanks for posting the link for the fun capris. My obsession this running season seems to be funky print capris . .now all I need to do is get the nerve to wear them on the subway!

  4. I love the animal print pants! So cute, I must have a pair!! Lovin the 80's theme:)

  5. i am LOVING both your team themes/names. i mean you really cannot beat Richard Simmons!! haha. love it. and seriously. this is my first experience with Handful and I am OBSESSED!

  6. love the themes - especially Richard Simmons! so funny.

    I need a handful bra - must get...

  7. Yes! Glad you got the bra - seriously I am in love with those bras. I now refuse to wear anything else!

  8. LOVE that theme and if that girl leaves oh well. her loss on a good time and great theme! i feel ya on the girl friends- as of last thursday i am officially the last to get engaged/married out of 8 of us. oh well, best for last, right? i so wish they made that bra for the more than a handful girls!! i feel like i wear a harness. so jealous :):) the good for me? my dad sent me a valentines card with $$!!

  9. I love the themes. How totally fun.
    So glad I'm not running Colorado Ragnar with you...that bra would not do at all, at all, hehe.

  10. Great themes! Now we need to come up with the details for July. Love my Handful. I got the pink one. Post coming soon :)

  11. I LPVE LOVE LOVE the themes!!!!

  12. That's a great bra first off. I'm always looking for cool bras to wear. I get most of mine from Target, those Champion ones. Have you tried them before??

    Also, we'll HAVE to meet up at the Bourbon Chase! This'll be my third year running and I love it! Almost all teams go over the top and really dress up so you should and your friend should get on board! It's a great "adult" time! :)

  13. Sounds like an awesome start to the week to me!

  14. oh man my team is having a horrible time thinking of a name for july...i know we are all crazy enough to wear goofy outfits just can't name it!