Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Being flexible in your training schedule

I've had a lot of people ask how my marathon training is going thus far. It's funny because they aren't asking due to its something new in my life, they're curious as to how 'sticking to a plan' is going for me since I HATE mapping out my entire week of workouts. 

Although I have a competitive side, I actually don't take running very seriously. I like my races, and the accomplishment I feel with each one complete (and of course new PRs), but I don't really have this extensive 'plan' to get better. I pick and choose what I like, what I think works for me, and modify as needed. 

That same approach has been working thus far for marathon 'training'- I use the word training loosely because I haven't gotten to the part yet where I'm out of my comfort zone in mileage. 

I do whatever I want during the week, and decided I was going to be disciplined with  sticking to my long runs so I can shift things around based on the amount of time it will take. This upcoming weekend called for a 14 miler, but knowing that my parents will be in town and I have the Muddy Buddy on Saturday with Ashley, I knew it wouldn't happen. This past weekend called for 9 miles, next 14, following 15. I asked Ashley if she thought it would be a big deal to move that around and do 14, 9, 15-- its early enough in the game who cares right!?! 

So she said that should work and she'd tag along with--- it was awesome because if she wasn't there, I'm sure I would have taken way more stops than I made her take for this run. Originally I was just going to skip the 9 miles this weekend  because I will be working on a time crunch. Luckily some part of my brain is shifting and is reminding me how I promised I would just focus on 1 thing and that is the planned LR. To be true to myself I will be doing a 9 miler on Friday sometime b/n when my flight gets back into town and my parents arrive. 

Today I did something I swore I was going to put off for as long as possible... I went to the gym. Thrilling I know. I haven't worked out in a gym since 2012 began, so I figured now that the year is about 1/2 way over, I can give it a go. What did I learn... the dreadmill sucks. I put it on autopilot 8 min /mile pace and just gutted it out until boredom won over. (that and I was getting annoyed at the guy next to me trying to 'race' as if we're in a competition with one another) My attention span is short so I stopped at 3 miles. 
Mad props to all you out there who do a lot of your LRs on a machine--- your mental strength is much greater than mine!

So even though I've given myself freedom to do what I want during the week, I do aim to go to bootcamp on Mondays and Wednesday (although it will shift around based on meetings and such), as well as get in at least 2 runs, 3 if I'm feeling the energy during the week. I have a hunch as I get into some higher mileage, bootcamp will be spread out and done maybe Mon & Thurs... I have a hard time 'taking it easy' there so my legs are always so dead by the end. No sweat no gain right?!?!

speaking of sweat... this was after Monday's bootcamp (which generally I don't sweat as much there vs doing a run)

this was a classic example of why 'cotton is rotten': I felt so exposed as you could actually see the sweat that was dripping down my back... how embarrassing that I wore the most unforgiving sweat color out there- light grey. 

I had to quickly drive home before going to Fleet Feet run to change since I knew I would be drenched for that run if I wore cotton

There is something to be said about wearing bright colors to run in.... it rocks and makes people happy. (pink and green go together right?!?!) I got a lot of compliments on my shoes, as well as my shirt. You can't tell in the pic, but the entire back of it is NEON PINK mesh (aka like an old school cheap basketball or flag football jersey)- the breathability of that tank is AMAZING. I'm pretty sure I will be going to Sport's Authority to pick up another one of these gem's in a different color. Next time I wear it I'll be sure to get a photo opp of the back so you can revel in all its glory. 


  1. I always enjoy seeing what you wear for workout or running. Can almost guarantee that it will be colorful :)

    I'm at the other end of the flexible with your training spectrum. I'm working this year on being more flexible and not getting so frustrated when life interrupts my plans. I'm improving!

  2. Treadmills are the worst. Ugh to run on one it has to have a tv turned to something with the closed caption on AND music and even then I get bored. I like the training flexibility. Life happens so you just gotta roll with it.

  3. I like the idea of being flexible with the plan during the week and stick to the long run!

  4. I saw those Nike tanks the other day at academy sports and feel IN LOVE with them!! Super cute.

  5. I love running in bright colors too. So much more fun and I feel like it gives me more energy! Way to be flexible with your training:)

  6. I absolutely cannot STAND the treadmill. I don't know how people run on it! I truly suck at it. I think I've ran on it once in the past year. What marathon are you doing again?! So exciting!