Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tangent Tuesday (my weekend)

Aside from complaining about the fact I'm experiencing dull aches in my LEFT IT band (last year it was my right)- not a lot to report on the running front. So instead you get the adventures (or non-adventures) of my weekend.

1. Saturday called for a 12 miler. I was meeting up with a running group at 6:30am, and even though they were only planning on doing 10 miles, I told myself I'd just suck it up and do 2 after I ran with them. The running gods were looking down on me that morning because not only did the heat and humidity stay away, BUT one of the guys dropped a cooler at the "1/2 way mark" which turned out to be MUCH longer than 1/2 way, so we ended up running a little over 11.2  miles. That's close enough to 12 for me- all done before 8:30am :)

2. I found out that when I finish a run, Nuun + ice water cures my craving for coca cola that normally nags at me when I've ran anything over 9 miles (i think its the fizz).

3. After the run I laid out by the pool with my standard 3 pool rats. Bittersweet that this was the last weekend I'd be a resident at this apartment complex (although I still plan to visit the pool often since T will still live there)

4. Left the pool late afternoon to shower up and finally meet up with my brother Andy at his brother-in-law's house mansion
For those that are from the area, they bought a house RIGHT on the Natchez Trace Golf Course (which co-incidently is where part of my run was earlier in the day)   Their house sits in between hole 10 & 11- you literally have to walk on the sidwalk that separates their house from the neighbors to get from 10 to 11. 
view from their balcony

5. Spent all day Sunday making back and forth trips from apartment to apartment with boxes and such. It is quite a timely task to move when you just have a 4 door Camry. Luckily Andy agreed to borrow his father in law's SUV and  helped me with my desk and pompason chair since they wouldn't fit in the car. 

6. Sunday night met up with a friend for dinner and as well as cashing in on my free Sweet Cece's froyo-- took advantage and piled it high I purposely didn't have him zoom in on what I got because it was sinfully bad.  Note to self- cheesecake flavored froyo is much too tart. I also consistently forget that I never finish what I order.... LESS is More 

7. Monday was my comp day at work, so decided to still wake up early and fit in an easy 5 miles to start the day. HOLY HUMIDITY. The last few days have been rainy which leads to SWAMPY. Luckily I remembered my bandana so I could wipe the sweat every 2.3 seconds. Also at mile 2 my Garmin went bezerk and beeped every 5 seconds saying lap error--- anyone else get this? My only solution was to turn it off. 

8. Rest of day was spent similar to Sunday- back and forth drives between the apartments with some grocery shopping and eating mixed in. I finally had IHOP-- it was insanely glorious. Tough call on if its better than Wafflehouse or not. 

9. Rounded out the day with dinner at sister-in-law's brother's house again (there's got to be a term for that) I picked up some dessert and local beer, while the boys grilled burgers and sweet corn on cob. I slacked on the photo taking, so only managed to take 2...
Codyn right before bed time (he finally gave me kisses) 

and one of Andy and myself. I'm either growing or he's shrinking.... I'd like to think it was the latter of the two. 

Overall had a crammed filled 3 day weekend- best is yet to come as I finally get to borrow a truck and have my brother help me move my bed today after work--- yipee for finally getting settled in!!! 


  1. wowwww! crazy busy! glad you are getting settled. i secretly think that Sweet CeCes is the best froyo place ever invented. its seriously incredible! im a bit jealous right now:)

  2. Tell me more about this Saturday LR group! :)

  3. Oh my gosh - SO BUSY! Good luck getting everything settled down quickly! :)

  4. Good luck with the move:) No more pool, sad:( #8 makes me want to have some bacon and eggs, lunch here I come!

  5. Moving just plain sucks. Luckily I have always had my brother and/or dad and or other family members show up with horse trailers. Sounds like you had a busy weekend!

  6. You have had a busy few days! Enjoy finally settling in! BTW, now I have an unexpected craving for froyo :)

  7. What a busy but lovely weekend! So excited for you to do muddy buddy! I would love to do that one someday. Too bad about Seattle rnr. What legs of Ragnar are you doing?

  8. I wondered if i was the only person who craved soda after a run?? I search like a crazed animal for Dr. Pepper right after a long run. I haven't tried Nuun right away though. Might give it a shot.

    I can't believe you posted that kick ass breakfast photo. I just had dinner but now want eggs. Thanks ;)

  9. have you tried the NUUN kona kola? i don’t even drink coke and i LOVE that stuff. did i miss that you were moving again? and the job stuff? and omg how have you just now had ihop? i really don’t like waffle house so ihop wins for me.