Friday, June 8, 2012

Five for Friday

1. My brother Andy, sister-in-law Courtney, and adorable nephew Codyn are coming this weekend for their first ever visit to Nashville. Courtney's brother moved 10 miles away from me here in Franklin (was originally in Columbus, Oh), so since he bought an 8 bedroom house and has room to spare, they decided to come down and see what all the Honkey Tonk is about. 

2. As to not leave out my other brother Eric- right after I completed my RTB Ultra, he wrote the most heart-warming post on facebook that I just had to share. Growing up as the 'baby sister' I never got many compliments, so it always catches me off guard with comments like this one... 

3. The thoughtful Kelsey had reached out to me to see if I'd be interested in doing  the Nashville Muddy Buddy June 23 on a team sponsored by Nuun. My parents will be in town that weekend so I felt like a little kid all over again asking their permission since it would take away some of their time with me. Got their blessing (and they are coming to watch) so I asked Ashley if she wanted to be my buddy and  "How I met your Runner" was born-- woo woo

When I was registering us I had the option to choose beginner, intermediate, or advanced...... I was going to go conservative and say intermediate but after getting this text from Ashley, I changed it to advanced:
Ashley R: Let's just win that shit!! Haha I would to think that I'm kick ass and awesome, but I'm not even sure what the obstacles are :) 

4. After the raving about my bootcamp being offered for free at work, a few of you have asked what else they offer we can take advantage of.  Below is our schedule (I'm pretty stoked to try out the kettle bell class for first time next week) 

5. Last, but definitely not least- I got word Wednesday night that I made it to the final round of my interviews. The contract wants me to come out to Charlotte, NC for an in person interview June 18th. To say that right now I'm going through a whirl of mixed emotions is a HUGE understatement. In terms of career move, its a HUGE win with the only con being there will be a great disconnect from corporate since I'll be the only person from my company onsite. Emotionally--- gah its hard to explain. Let's just say I talked / cried both my Dad and friend Stephen's ear off wednesday night trying to get unbiased advice. It's silly because I don't even have the offer- who knows if they'll even like me best- I just like to be fully prepared for either outcome. Running has definitely helped release some pent up emotions this week. 

you know what else will help release pent up emotions.... POOL TIME after a LR on Sat waiting for the Jameson's to invade Nashville! Then hopefully having the opportunity to show them around a bit. 


  1. I picked up and moved across the country in 2007. I moved to Charleston, SC to take a job - and didn't know a single soul. I ended up back in Raleigh, NC for a few years and I LOVED IT!!! Moving on my own was one of the BEST EXPERIENCES EVER!!! Scary, but amazing. Whatever happens, whatever you decide to do - I know you'll be successful!! :) Sending you LOTS of happy vibes this weekend!!

  2. Wow, you've had a lot going on. Good luck with the final round of interviews and enjoy your time with family this weekend!

  3. have a great weekend!! i’ll let you know all about muddy buddy after this weekend :)

  4. Such a sweet note from your brother, I love it!! I'll be thinking of you with the interview/waiting process... that's tough. Have a great weekend!

  5. Such a crazy move to think about moving for work again - I hope you find out some news and have a great interview!
    So glad you are able to do the Muddy Buddy with Kelsey! I immediately thought of you and Ashley for the run so I'm glad you get to meet up her!

  6. My first thought on an 8 bedroom house...I want...then, who's gonna clean it! :) HAHAHAHA! that's awesome of your brother though!

    I've never done a muddy buddy but it's on my list of things to do for next year! I'm ashamed to admit that I'm becoming addicted to Nuun.

  7. You are lucky to have such a running supporting family! Have fun with the Muddy Run!

  8. i saw jason at the pool today and he was talking about all the other classes your work offers, i get more jealous every day! :) guess that's the perk of working in the health industry. (and of course we will be kick ass!)