Friday, June 1, 2012

Five for Friday

Highlights of this week
1. Poolside, drinks, and a good read 
was how I spent sat, sun, mon, & tuesday. Relaxation at its finest :) The below pouches are a combo of Smirnoff OR Parrot Bay premade slushies with the alcohol included. Just freeze, remove, tear off top, pour into cup, enjoy. PERFECT poolside drink

2. Going out of Comfort Zone
Last week I applied for a different job within my company. I had my first interview this week, and it  went really well and have my 2nd round next week. If I make it past  the account director then I have to actually go to the HQ of the client and meet them... 
its in Charlotte, NC ... and if getting the job, I'd have to move and be there by August 1. Regardless of outcome, its a catch 22. Get the job, huge pay raise, great career path BUT I have to move and leave all my friends and networks behind. If I don't get the job there is the rejection, BUT I get to stay here and not uproot my life. 

3. Started my "marathon training"
Sometime during this week  I decided it would be a good idea to calculate how many weeks out my first marathon in September is- turns out its 16 weeks, crap. So I randomly decided midweek that this was going to be week 1 of my training- oops. In the meantime I'm trying to find a good plan as a guideline. All of Hal Higdon's are 18 weeks, so if you know of any shorter plans (12-16 weeks) Send away!

4. Amazing concert last night
Last night I finally got to see a concert in the infamous Ryman Auditorium. Myself, Jack, Ashley, & Kristi decided to make a grand time of it and meet downtown for drinks at the Beer Sellar. J & I got there around 4:30 and we all drank till a little after 7 before walking over to the concert hall. 7 beers + 1 shot on an empty stomach + one of my favorite bands = AMAZING time (and hangover this morning)
Kristi, Ashley, me, Jack
The Band: Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros. Doesn't ring a bell? I'm sure you've heard their famous hit, "Home"--- you can't listen to this song and not feel happy afterward.

Photos from my seat

5. Might have found a solution to my solo long runs while training for marathon problem. 
Today at work one of my mentor's Jeff had me go with him to a little get together for networking purposes. Although the networking was for work, I made huge strides with running connections. First I received a verbal commitment from one of the guys to join our potential ultra relay for Ragnar TN, so already it was a success. More importantly one of the guys I just met from bootcamp had mentioned that he is part of a running group that meets in my area every saturday at 6am. He emailed me the info and looks like I'll be joining them tomorrow for my first of hopefully man long runs. Added bonus is 3 of the guys are actually doing the Air force marathon as well, so I may be picking their brain for training schedules. 

Anything exciting in your week?


  1. Sounds like an awesome week! I love drinks and concerts! :) good luck with job, but eh on potentially leaving Nashville! :) I'm getting sooo antsy to do another marathon!

    1. I used an exclamation for every sentence haha

  2. How exciting. Luckily, I haven't run in NC either, so I'm on board either way with the job.

  3. when i trained for my first half, i used a plan from their full plan is sixteen weeks:

  4. What a fun week! Good luck with getting or not getting the job! Either way everything happens for a reason.

    My week? A 10K this morning and only one more week until summer break!

  5. ooh, excited about the job! charlotte seemed very nice for the 24hrs i was there :) are you just now reading emily giffins books? i’ve read all of them except her new one (i think its out now). not sure about the training. but i would think with your base you would be fine to pick up on week 16 of HH’s plan.

  6. I would suggest using Hal Higdon's plan and start in week 3. I followed his plans for my last marathon and loved it!

  7. we moved to asheville, NC almost 3 years ago and i love it so much! i've only been to charlotte a handful of times but we always have a good time there, i think they have a pretty strong run scene.