Saturday, June 2, 2012

May in Review

May was HANDS down my favorite month thus far! (which ironically was my favorite running month of 2011 as well) I ran another double header weekend, got a shiny new PR, and ran my first ULTRA relay with an amazing group of people. This month was a reminder that although I continually beat myself up about having low mileage or inconsistency with runs, I am still following what my 2012 overall goal was - "to be a STRONGER runner." Ashley (redonk runner) had a great post about constantly comparing yourself to other runners and what they're doing- not realizing to take a step back and look at just you and you alone. This has been my month to realize that what works for others doesn't really work for me, that I'm doing just fine for Lisa :)

Onto the breakdown

Total Mileage: Per usual I didn't hit my planned mileage- 120. Instead I did 95 miles. (so close to 100, I really need to look at mileage before the last day of month) I ended up taking off longer than I anticipated due to high heat temps in Nashville over last 2 weeks.
June- No idea at this point- I'm in the process of narrowing down my training plans for the full marathon. Once I get that nailed down, I'll have a better idea.

Highest Mileage week:  Imagine that, I actually hit a goal. I had said 40ish, and I came in at 37. I ran 1 4.2 mile run the week of my ultra relay, then took rest the next few days off before the actual relay
June- I now realize I don't have a strong desire to hit a certain number per week, but I figure as a whole I need to be more consistent b/n the weeks. For June I don't want 1 week to be 5 miles, the next to be 30.

Races Planned/ Completed: 3/3:  Double header planned with Kim R over Cinco de Mayo weekend, followed by an ultra relay later in month.
Me, Cynthia, Kim pre race. Kim and I in our matching outfits. Leading pack for first time EVER. Gift card I received for finishing 2nd overall female. Medal 

State #28- Oregon for Cinco de Mayo Portland 1/2 
Getting to see the Heathman IRL. Kim and I pre race. After race celebration, complete with 2 free beers. Race medal. 

Reach the Beach Ultra Relay (MA)

Upcoming races for June: zilch. I was registered for RnR Seattle, followed by a half in Vancouver, BC the next day, however timing was bad since I will be moving the weekend before, it was one of the only free weekends my folks could come down, AND financially it just didn't make sense since I will be in Seattle again in July. 

Accomplishments for May:

  • Placed 2nd overall female in Idaho
  • New PR, 1:42:54, in Oregon
  • Ran, and survived, my first relay doing it ultra style! 
New friendship runships made
  • Met blogger Cynthia over @ Run, Dream, Laugh out Loud while in Boise. 
  • The only teammate I didn't know on my relay was Katy and she turned out to be awesome. She agreed last minute to join my other ultra relay coming up in July, so I'm very excited to get to see her again so quickly. (she lives in Chicago). 
  • Kim's husband, S. They say its not official till you're "facebook official" and he accepted my frienship request haha. 
  • was introduced to a  few fellow co-workers I had never met before at work. I'm trying to see if its realistic to put together an all work ultra team for TN Ragnar. Details are still being smoothed out. 

Current Book: May was a busy reading month. I started and read all 3 50 shades books. Read the followup to "Something Borrowed"- "something blue" (which I adored). I decided I would try another one of Emily Giffin's book "love the one you're with" to see how I like that. 

Current Excitements / Obessions:
- figuring out my marathon training plan
- getting all my moving squared away
- brother and sister in law are visiting next weekend, and my parents 2 weeks after that. Eric-- when are YOU coming down?

Current Song(s): I have 3
1. Ever since Kim shared the Harvard Baseball team doing a dance to "Call me, Maybe" I can't get it out of my head. It didn't help that we listened to it a bunch in the van during our relay

2. You can blame dressing like LMFAO for getting their song with Lil Wayne "Shots" being stuck in my head. Random runners kept singing it to us and I think it was on one of the cds Katy made. I may or may not have blared (as loud as my phone will go) at the pool and sang while dancing with my friends. I also MIGHT have bought   everyone a round of shots Thursday night and then put the song "shots" on the juke box. True Stories. 

after watching the video, I'm convinced I need some sunglasses that say 'party rock' on them

3. Unfortunately too much fun Thursday night led to feeling like crap the next day at work. I heard this song by  "Of Monsters & Men" and it cheered me right up. I proceeded to listen to it throughout the day until my hangover went away. Its catchy and the song constantly is changing with tons of different instruments, which I love.  (video is WEIRD, but song is great) 

Current Goal: utilizing the no racing in june to finally get in some long practice runs. I NEED to stick to my marathon training plan. 

Current Treat: I've been eating Sweet CeCe's froyo like crazy. There is something to be said about cookie dough + cheesecake + brownies + pound cake + peanut butter cups + peanut butter sauce all on top of cake batter frozen yogurt. Wow thank goodness I work out. 

Current Dislikes: (s): humid weather. The other day I waited until 8:30pm to go for a run and I still needed to take my shirt off. I forsee a lot of early mornings in my future. 

June is going to be tricky to get motivated. I have zero races, the weather is much hotter, and I'm in the very early stages of marathon training so I feel that these weeks are as 'necessary' since I have a solid base. I need to buckle down. I'm making myself go to running groups on Monday and Saturday as well as bootcamp 2x week. I know enough to know that I do better in large groups than by myself. Here's to hoping June isn't a wash! 


  1. You had a seriously great month! I know what you mean about trying to run in these temps/'s hard to even get out there, and then it's hard to do your full planned mileage!

  2. Love the new header....then I realized I am in it! Yeah
    You did have an amazing inspire me.
    Ack, forgot you were moving this month... How crazy if you don't get to unpack your boxes and turn around to NC in August?

  3. What an awesome month, I hope June goes as well for you! Your froyo treat sounds amazing!

  4. When will you be in Seattle in July? I will be running the See Jane Run half on July 15th! If it works with your plans, you should do it! I am such a race-enabler! Love your blog :)

  5. You had an awesome month! So glad I got to meet you! I really hoped you would run Seattle RnR so I could see you again but totally understand why you aren't going.

    You will totally rock marathon training!

  6. LOLLOLLOL! That Call Me, Maybe video was too funny! Congrats on your May stats!


  7. Wow, that was a great month! Congrats on your new pr, and your 37 mile week! I've been feeling the same way about June- nothing on the calendar, it's hot...not sure what it's gonna look like!

  8. You had a seriously awesome running month in May!!! Congrats on all that running! I love that video too! If I had only known what cuties were going to school so close to me I would have spent more time in Harvard Yard when I was in school!!

  9. You did SO MUCH, SO WELL in May!! Keep up the awesome work, my friend!

  10. You had a busy May!

    So excited to follow your marathon training! I don't have any races on the calendar either. I was thinking of doing one, but vetoed it since my first marathon will be three weeks after it, which is a lot of time to recover I know but I don't want anything to go wrong!

    May your training be epic :)

  11. very fabulous month! that ice cream sounds insane. :) glad you are reading another EG book. I think you will like that one.

  12. HI! I just wanted to say how much I love your blog! I really enjoy your style and your stories - oh and your rockin' dance moves! I nominated you for the "One Lovely Blog" award! Details are on my page :)

  13. Hi! I nominated you for a One Lovely Blog award. Just posted about it so check it out when you get a chance. And awesome month!