Thursday, June 28, 2012

Tangent Thursday (olympics)

Between traveling for work + parents in town for 4 days, I stayed away from blog land. As a result I'll probably be posting like crazy to catch up.
Saturday I did my first adventure race- Nashville Muddy Buddy with fellow Nashville blogger / runner Ashley. We both don't like to waste money on entries if we're not really into the race, so we jumped when had the opportunity to have Nuun sponsor us.  You can read the recap HERE-- be forewarned, a LOT of pictures :)

Onto my Olympic tangents ...

1. Last Thursday I flew out to Charlotte for work and brought along this month's Runner's World for companionship. Not only did I read everything cover to cover (rare for me), but I developed a run crush on Ashton Eaton and couldn't WAIT to watch him perform in the Decathalon. Since I've done a few heptathalons, I have a HUGE respect for the women who do heps, and men who do decs--- its challenging because you have to be good at so many different events.

 2. Now I know a LOT of other bloggers out there glued themselves to the tv during Marathon Olympic trials, Boston, or some other big distance race--- I don't get excited about that stuff. Sure I care about the outcome, but I don't need to watch. All of that philosophy is thrown out the window when it comes to Track & Field--- I LOVE LOVE LOVE track and field. Regardless of the event, I'm on the edge of my seat watching. 

3. I forgot that I was taking my parents to Arrington Vineyards Friday night, and Yazoo Brewery Saturday night (we like to consume alcohol), so sadly I missed Eaton's actual performance. Luckily I was able to catch up via you tube and on demand + Monday night they did recap a bit while we were watching the 5000. I'll admit, I CRIED watching him get a PR in his 1500, allowing him to break the world record. 

Did anyone else see Beech slow down to let Eaton pass him as Beech cheered him on--- sportsmanship at its FINEST! 

4. TODAY is a BIG (for me )day to watch the Olympic trials for 2 reasons. 

Dan Huling
  • 3000 meter steeple chase--- The winner from Monday's preliminaries was Dan Huling. Dan was on Miami's track team and we hung in the same circle in my early college days. After college up until he got married he was roommates with one of my best friend's from college Eric. It's awesome to see someone I know progress so far. With the fastest time going into the finals, I'm confident I will be cheering for him in the Olympics!
Reason # 2- Jeff See
  • 1500m- Jeff is actually younger than myself, but his brother Scott, went to Miami and ran track. Jeff used to visit and they tried to convince him to come to Miami, but alas he went to OSU. Scott was in the same fraternity as my brother Andy, and I may have made out with him a few times. It used to be a standing joke when Jeff would visit on if I would make out with him as well ( I didn't)  I have no idea how he'll do, so it should be interesting to watch nonetheless. 
Photo from right after college L to R- Andrew, Scott See, Dan Huling 

5. Lastly it has to be said--- not only is Nick Symmonds fast as all get out, but he's GORGEOUS

Monday night after watching him CRUSH the 800m, I couldn't stop staring at his really sharp 'shark teeth'- I tried to find a photo, but alas this is the best I could come up with --- equally as hilarious 

I think what intrigued me the most about him was the fact that he called up Paris Hilton's father to be able to ask her out on a date. Really?!?! That's who your heart is after??  Guess people from Idaho don't know they can shoot higher (no offense Cynthia and Brittany) 

Is there anyone out there that you are anxious to see run?

yes I realize swimming is going on right now, but I'll be honest... don't really care. 


  1. How awesome to see people you know go on to the Olympic trials!! I'm with you- I love watching all the track and field events. And awesome job on your mud run- that looks like such a blast!

  2. OMG. I love love LOVE Ashton Eaton. And I think Nick Symmons is a tool-bag for the Paris Hilton thing. SERIOUSLY. But watching him OWN IT in the 800s??

  3. I saw Beech do that and was like "what the heck is going on", then I figured it out and teared up a little. It makes my heart happy to see things like that.

  4. Last night's men's and women's 5000m were amazing.