Friday, December 14, 2012

Five for Friday

1. I was contacted earlier this week by Nuun  (thanks to Elizabeth) to join their Ragnar Florida Keys team!! Originally I said yes, but due to some "re-structuring at work", having a new boss and a semi- new role, I'm not allowed to take PTO first week of January unless it was already pre-approved.  I have mixed feelings because it was an awesome opportunity, but at the same time a logistical nightmare trying to figure out my own hotel accomodations for thurs / sat night + rental car to get back from finish line to airport (it's up to everyone to figure out what they want to do for themselves, and all the individuals I asked were staying with friends and had their own travel). So with that being said--- I do still have the relay bug and am looking to join / create a team if anyone needs a runner or interested in doing a relay?

2. The other day I had posted some potential races to knock out more states for 2013. Although there are a few I'm figuring out logistics for,  the only 100% good to go race is in Wyoming- a state I put that I didn't care what I did, because it will be a fast in and out so I had no preference. For those that don't know a lot about Wyoming- its hard to get to and expensive to fly into. I found one in Laramie (a little over 2 hours from Denver) that logistically was great. I emailed Becka about it to get her opinion to which she responded with her recap of doing the full marathon (as in, it's absolutely awful) 

What get's better is the comments that Kim and I wrote:

So I guess Kim and I are eating our words and we are in fact doing this race- along with B and her sister L (girls weekend). Also aside from sucky conditions- its almost a 9,000 feet elevation, yay! 

3. Last week's Rudolph 5k was horrible- aka it kicked my ass. Since this is the only 5k I generally run, I decided on a whim to sign up for one that is supposedly flat for tomorrow! 
I'm sure I'll still be miserable since I'm not used to racing this distance but maybe I can get an adult PR?? I kind of just made that up, but adult PR a real thing? My PR in 5k is 20:39, but that was when I was 16 and there is no hope to do that again- since technically I was not an adult yet- I say we should have adult PRs if you set a current PR when you were young. :) 

4.  I really love tacky holiday anything- more so when I win prizes for it!! 
This year it all started out when I went to a tacky holiday party last friday in this gem of a homemade dress:

Low and behold Stephen and I won tackiest outfits (Stephen is pictured above)
Starbucks caramel salted hot chocolate + gift card

Work also does contests....

2nd year in a row champion! Last year me and Christine were winners and we received 5 tickets each to our company suite for Nashville Predators game. This year Kelly and I won and we each got a $50 gift card. She chose visa general gift card, I chose TJ Maxx/ Marshalls haha. Yay!

5. I've been meaning to ask this awhile--- apparently I've reached my max storage for photos on blogger and I can't upload any more photos. My way around it is that I have a private album on facebook where I upload photos to and then I can copy and paste them directly from facebook and it allows those. There has to be an easier way to do this instead of having to pay more money to increase my storage size.... any suggestions??

What do you think of the concept of an Adult PR?

How do you bypass the "no more storage" on blogger?


  1. Yea, a bunch of bloggers have been having that issue lately (all at the same time? hmmm.) The best suggestion is creating a photobucket (or like) account. It's annoying, I agree.

  2. Those are some awesome tacky xmas clothes!! Makes mine look like I am slacking hehe

  3. You are one fancy lady with a flair for tackiness :)!!!

  4. I have had the same issue with photos. I have been deleting ones that I don't need to make room, but I agree there has to be a better way.

  5. I never thought of an adult PR. So jealous of your Nuun opportunity! I know you're way out of my pace league but I would love to be on a relay team :)

    Not familiar with blogger so I can't help with the storage dilemma.

    Have a great weekend Lisa!

  6. part of the reason i switched to wordpress- was tired of blogger issues! so bummed about ragnar. that sucks :( i’ve only ever had adult races so i can’t help on the PR issues… love your holiday outfits! and good luck tomorrow!

  7. I think the idea of having different "types" of PRs is great. I didn't start running until I was an "adult" so I'm still at a place where I think I can improve on my times. But I can see myself one day having something like a Masters PR or PR for every decade as I get older.

    It's probably too late for you to see this before the race, but good luck!

  8. LOVE the outfits!!! I moved last year to wordpress and it allows for more pictures. You can also upload pictures on picasa I believe and then link it to your blogger blog. Hope you find a solution and please blog about, I know many people have the same issue right now.