Tuesday, December 4, 2012

New (to me) Cross Training November

It seems that ever since I took a new role within my company mid-August that I have had very little time for workouts, let alone trying something new every month. One day I came home from work and my roommate was doing "Just Dance" on the wii (I didn't even know we had a wii) 

It looked like so much fun, and since you could do it from the comfort of your own home and only do 15-30 min at a time, I thought it was worth giving it a whirl. As an added reason to do it, I clearly have some smooth moves as noted below, so I thought I would be just as amazing at Just Dance...
(recycled video)

... not so much. Maybe I'm better at free-stylin'? On the first day my roommate watched me do every song because it was just that bad, however it was quite a workout. 

I can't figure out where I saved all my videos of me dancing, so instead you get a link to a previous blog post where I posted one of my epic dances 

I decided to come home every night from work and do at least 6 songs in a row (about 20 or so minutes). Can I just say SWEAT central? After a few nights I started to get the hang of it and even broke a few high scores. I swear I took photos, but no proof as they somehow got deleted (how is that  for convenient)
The hardest song is by far "Rasputin"- man I wish someone would have videoed me doing this, so instead you can just see the actual song (which is totally catchy by the way)

The idea is you wrap the wii controller in one hand and mimic exactly the dance of what is on screen and are scored by if your hand moves matches up. Obviously you could cheat by just moving your hand along, but its kind of awkward to only dance with one arm, plus whats the point (side note: Brother Andy did this when I went home and managed to win his dance off, so it does work) 

For those that think how silly it is to do this for cross training (cardio), I thought the same thing, so I brought it home for Thanksgiving and everyone but dad got in on the fun. My favorite was Eric dancing because its feminine and Joseph is getting in on the action

Mark and I did it the most and both worked up so much sweat throughout the evening that we had to take a shower.

I highly recommend anyone (that isn't great at dancing) to try these games out on Wii- they're fun, hilarious, and such awkward dance moves that you're not used to doing you're bound to work up a sweat. Some of the songs use your arms a LOT and I was sore the following day after doing those types of songs, so yay for using new muscles! 

I have kept this in my weekly rotation of run, bootcamp, and now just dance 2. 

** I heard that gangam style in on the newest version of just dance.... christmas present anyone??

Have you ever tried a kind of dorky cross training but ended up LOVING it?


  1. i have a Wii but haven’t tried any of these! i’m not sure I could convince the bf to do it. :) it does sound fun though. nice work!

  2. This entire thing had me laughing. I bet my daughter would love it if I got this. She's 13 and loves to dance like a fool. You're right, Christmas!