Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What do you do with your bling?

A few weeks back B had asked me if she could borrow my medals to use for her Christmas tree at work. Everyone in her department had a "themed team tree" and they went with medals from different events and such.

47 of those gems are mine (and the tree--- I like to donate) 

After I got them returned I had fun trying to put them back on my medal display in the exact order I earned them.... I'm super anal about the weirdest things, and lax on things that I probably should be anal about.

Although I tried  hard to squish the medals together- alas they don't all fit perfectly in a row:

Then the other day I got this little guy in the mail completely unexpected:
(ladies- when there is an option to register as Athena, definitely do it!)

After the honey moon phase wore off of receiving a plaque I didn't know I earned, reality set in and I was left with "where the heck do I put it?" I live in an apartment, so nothing is permanent, but here is my current "bling space"
Pretty boring huh?

The two medal displays I currently own are from Allied Medal Displays, and although I love how you can customize your saying, its kind of a pain they way it attaches to the wall as well is how the medals slide on, so I'm potentially in the market to shop around. 

I'd love to hear from you on:

Ways to vamp up the bling space, or what you do for your bling space


What do you use to showcase your medals?
hooks, wall displays, shadow boxes?

If you're not great at explaining and you want to send  me a photo of your space, I'm at


  1. My bling is all over the place. I currently have like 5 display boxes and 3 Allied racks.

    No plaques :D

  2. That is a lot of bling my friend

  3. I think you need a rotating display with strobes, music, maybe even some of that funky smoke!
    I have 3 racks, (in the market for another) all from different companies. I think I like the Allied one the best but Sport Hooks is a close second. My trophies and plaques have not yet made it down to the running shrine and reside on a bedroom shelf.

  4. I used a metal curtain rod that stretched along the length of one wall. I have a line of shelves on top for bling that doesn't go i=on the rod. I need a bulletin board, I think.

  5. Athena! Woot! Love the plaque.
    I like my Allied Medal Displays. We used to have one with hooks, now that is a pain.

  6. congrats on the plaque! i signed up for the athena division in a half i'm doing in february! i'm hoping for an allied medal display on Christmas!

  7. congrats on the award! i actually like my allied hangers. because i, too, am anal and want them to all look alike (and mine are in race order as well). my one plaque is on my desk. my other AG awards are medals so they fit on the hangers :)

  8. love all your bling! i just ordered one of those medal hangers for myself:) cant wait to get it!

  9. Congrats on placing! Right now I hang my bling a hat rack hook kind of thing. It looks just like the Allied without the personalization.

    Love the tree decorations :)