Monday, December 17, 2012

Snowflake 5k (race recap)

The Race:
Snow Flake 5k- proceeds supporting Prevent Child Abuse in TN

PERFECT- low 50s, overcast, slight breeze

Time: 23:53/ 7:41 avg pace (new "adult pr")
Place: 1st in AG, results not up but was 50 something out of 200 something. 

Although I generally am not seeking out 5ks, I wanted to see what a normal 5k would be like vs. the relentless hills of the Rudolph 5k I do every year. The Snowflake 5k was held in Shelby Bottoms park in East Nashville, started at 9am so I didn't have to wake up super early, and was $25- wins all around. 

I LOVE dressing up for races, and it just so happens I have some snow flake socks that I have never worn, so I got to break them in this morning (i'm not sure why my knees look swollen) 

Apparently I don't get out that much and have never been to Shelby bottoms park, so when my gps said shelby botttoms greenway I thought it was the same thing and ended up literally on a dead end road in a neighborhood 30 min to race start. My stupid phone didn't recognize shelby bottoms park again, but figured the nature center would get me in the right direction. Luckily after several re-routes I got there 15 min before race start (thank goodness for small races and accessible parking / packet pick up)

Picked up my bib (with snowflakes on it, adorable), stretched, and people / dog watched. Apparently this is a dog friendly race so there were numerous dogs dressed up in holiday attire along for the run (I may have been beaten by quite a few)

My absolute favorite which I wasn't able to capture on photo was a dog dressed like an elf with a "Santa's Helper" name tag. She was black with one ice blue eye, one brown eye, GORGEOUS

Mile 1: 6:56
The representative from Prevent Child Abuse counted us down and just yelled "GO!" and everyone was off. People were FAST, and I have a tendency to, within reason, mimick everyone else's pace. I equate it to when you're going 80 on the highway and had no idea you were going that fast because you were just "keeping up with the flow"- thats how my first mile was.  I knew I was going faster than I normally do in the first mile, but when I looked down and saw 6:30 I panicked and started putting on the breaks knowing I would surely die if I kept up that pace. I was able to slow down a bit and clocked first mile at 6:56

Mile 2: 7:45
Not long after passing mile 1 I immediately started slowing down. People started passing me left and right and my legs just felt dead (thats what I get for not warming up at all then going out fast). To make matters worse, I started getting horrible cramps--- you know the kind I'm talking about. Nothing is worse... well maybe diarrhea, than trying to go fast while having period cramps. I was honestly shocked when I saw my split for mile 2 because I felt like I was going at least a 10min / mile pace. 

Mile 3: 8:17
I guess its kind of cool when you suck at life, walk a bunch, but somehow run 8:17. It's weird how lately that would be super fast for me in a practice run, but today it felt like my brakes just came off. I got passed by a dog, dog walked and refused to run, then he got some energy and passed me again- low blow. I have zero effort in me and all my competitive edge was gone despite this girl running RIGHT NEXT to me. I know I'm not all hip on runner ettiquette, but I do feel that if you are running on a path over 10 feet wide, its common courtesy NOT to only leave 6 inches between you and the runner next to you when you can spread out since  no one is on your other side. (this happened at rudolph 5k as well and it drove me nuts) 

.13 7:06
I refused to even attempt a kick until I saw the finish line. Too often races are longer and I just had zero energy and could barely breathe. When I finally turned the corner and saw people in front of me kick it in I tried but nothing really happened, or so I thought.  I ended up passing creepy close girl right at the end and almost coughed up a lung once I was done. I haven't been that beat after a race in a long time!

Consistent with all other races, once 5 minutes had passed I was fine and was ready to go again, but man did it suck. 
21st race of the year (2 5ks, 1 adventure run, 2 relays, 16 half marathons)

I stuck around to get some coffee and mingle. After they posted results I saw that I was 2nd in my age group so I wanted to stick around till the end to see if they were passing out awards
Chumming it up with Santa! (I told him I wanted great weather and a raise- he said "ho ho ho" 

Once awards started I realized why there were so many dogs there- they had dog awards:
There was the most athletic (the one who finished first... don't remember exact time but it was in the 17s)
Most Personality, and my favorite- most festive. It was a family of 3 dogs who matched their owner's skirt:

Awards took forever- they started with boys ages 5-9 and went all the way to ages 25-29, switched to girls and stopped at 20-24, then went back to guys and finished them up to age group 75 before girls can go ahead. When the announced 25-29, I was the first name they called--- first?!?! Yay for have a speed demon in my age group place in top 3 (for the record, winning female time was 17:42- damn) I'm so glad I didn't slow down much more because 2nd and 3rd in my age group were RIGHT behind me at 24:00 and 24:02- whew. 

I'm thoroughly impressed with the medal for being a 5k- let alone that fact that its a snowflake. I appreciate unique shapes in medals since most are the traditional circle and that  is just so boring. If I kept bibs after races, this would be a gem- unfortunately I'm a pack rat so I have to draw the line somewhere. 

I've expressed it countless times, and after running this race its confirmed--- I don't like running 5ks. I do appreciate the fact that in less than 25 minutes I'm done, but I don't appreciate how I am HORRIBLE at pacing. I know I shouldn't be hard on myself- it took well over 10 half marathons before I figured out that race, so why would a 5k be any different? If I'm in town next year during this time, I'll probably do it again just for the ease of the race and to see if I can run faster. I don't think I'll be making the switch from half marys to 5k any time soon


  1. Looks like santa was enjoying himself!

  2. Congrats on your AG win! The half is so much better than a 5k. 5ks are always hard.

  3. Congrats on your adult PR and an AG win!! LOVE the medal!!

  4. Cute medal! congrats on your adult PR.