Friday, December 21, 2012

Looking back at 2012...

Okay okay so 2012 isn't over yet, but all my races are finished so I figured I'd reflect on the year in terms of running:

At the beginning of the year I posted the following fitness goals 
  • 1000 miles for the year- as long as I don't get injured, this should be attainable.
    • Don't have the exact number yet, but in the 900s. Unfortunately I won't hit 1000 miles. I blame temps consistently over 100 degrees  + 100% humidity in summer and my plica inflammation in knee for having some REALLY LOW mileage months. 
  • Dialing back racing to 1 half marathon a month, unless I get a double header (1 scheduled already!)
    • I think I generally did good with this. I had 3 double header weekends- all but one were the only races planned for that month, so September was a little much with 3 half marathons. 
  • I'm starting the year at 22 states, would like to end with 35, more always welcome :)
    • Right on cue- finished with 36 states

    • In order of when they were crossed off:
    1. Arizona (Phoenix) 
    2. Texas (Austin) 
    3. New York (Flushing) 
    4. Colorado (Denver) 
    5. Idaho (Boise) 
    6. Oregon (Portland) 
    7. Massachusetts (all over-- 13.4 leg of ultra relay) 
    8. Washington (all over- 13.1 leg of ultra relay) 
    9. Utah- (Farmington) 
    10. Iowa- (Clearlake) 
    11. Nebraska (Hooper) 
    12. Delaware (Wilmington) 
    13. New Jersey (Jersey Shore) 
    14. New Mexico (Las Cruces) 
  • Since I have a hard time with LONG TERM goals, each month I'm going to focus on 1 fitness specific goal that isn't always based on mileage. January I decided to do Ab Ripper X every other day to strengthen my core (anxious to see results at end of month) 
    • This actually transformed into trying Kims "new to you cross training" every month. I succeeded 5 times. It's almost laughable, but I have to say that aside from the brazilian butt lift, the rest are all things I do on a weekly basis now so I'll take it as a win. 
    • Bootcamp, brazilian butt lift, battling ropes, kettlebells, just dance
  • Do 1 adventure type race (warrior dash, tough mudder etc)
  • Break into the 1:40s for 1/2 mary distance
    • I managed to do it 5 times!!  (NY, ID, OR, 13.1 leg of Northwest Passage, UT) Best was 1:42:54!! 
  • Run another 'official' 10k and break 50 min
    • No 10ks were ran this year--- maybe in 2013.
  • Register for a marathon---- yes I finally said it! 
    • Was registered for Air Force Marathon, did all my training including 1 20 miler and 1 21 miler then decided to downgrade to half and run with my brother since my plica inflammation was extremely bothersome. 

What HAPPENED in 2012 that I wasn't planning on:
  • Doing not 1 but 2 Ultra relays even though I swore against them.
  • Getting injured and having to be sidelined for most part for 3 months
  • Running a night time half (Utah Legacy Midnight--- so fun!) 
  • Running a WHOLE half marathon with someone else, AND talking the whole time. Platte River (CO) with Kara!
  • Running more than 1 5k in the year and finally breaking that 24 min barrier I couldn't seem to get. 
  • Finding a fellow blogger who wanted to half the states and run just about every half with me:)  Kim  (apparently we wore yellow A lot) 
Aside from Kim, I did meet quite a few other bloggers at races as well- in order of appearance

Laura (Mommy, Run Fast!) - Livestrong 1/2 (TX) 
we had dinner but I can't find the photo :(

 Kara (Mile High Maven) - Platte River 1/2 (CO) 

Cynthia (Run, Dream, and Laugh out Loud)-  Run Around the Lake 1/2 (ID) 

Rachelle (Running for Trevor) - Ragnar NW Passage (WA)

Ashley (Ash and Diz) - Legacy Midnight 1/2 (UT)

Jess (Run with Jess)  & Jill (Fitness, Health, Happiness)- Air Force 1/2 (OH) 

Alma (The Average Woman's Running Blog)- Run for the Buds 1/2 (DE)

Tonia (Racing with Babes)- Jersey Shore 1/2 (NJ) 

When you travel a lot for pretty much all your races, they start to blend together- there were a few that stuck out, good and bad. 

Felt amazing the entire time and was just so excited to be running (and first time to break into the 1:40s!!) 

Most surprising (in a good way) state- Delaware

Excited for the race and it was the Biggest Let Down State- New Jersey (at least I got to see boardwalk before it blew away)

Worst race ever- terrain, boring, support, awards, everything!- Nebraska
spec of next runner in front of me

finish line

Hardest Race on my body aka most digestive issues (Mark's suggestion for this category)

Best time with friends / family
AirForce 1/2 (got to run with Kim a bunch and brother + had Kim and S stay with me!)

My bling was sub par this year, got a lot of "eh" ones, and nothing grand (maybe 2013 will be year of the bling??!?!) So here is best and worst given what I had earned

Best Bling
Livestrong Austin 1/2 

Worst Bling
Seaside 1/2- Jersey  (round circle with a sticker, plain blue ribbon) 

2012 was the year for finding my speed, gaining confidence to break into longer distances past the coveted 13.1, making new friendships, and learning more about myself as a runner.  I'm so excited to make more memories and reach more milestones for 2013- let the planning begin!!

what stood out for your 2012??


  1. Great year! You were busy. What stood out for me was my first marathon, hood To Coast and a lot of time trying to recover from it all.

  2. Wow you really nailed almost all of your goals. So glad that I was able to tell you about Muddy Buddy and that you got to knock that particular goal off your list! Way to rock the states this year!! It looks like you got to meet so many fabulous people/running bloggers. Looking forward to what you accomplish in 2013!

  3. Great job Lisa! You got so many races crossed off this year, amazing! Wow, that Seaside medal was super lame! Hate it when races do that! Way to rock your PR, love all the fun pics:)

  4. I love reading about your running life! Does that make me a stalker? You motivate and inspire!

    You're going to love Ab Ripper! It seriously works!

    What stood out for me was running the hat trick at RW Half as a Runner's World blogger and PRing multiple times. All that aside, most of all, was running 12 half marathons!

  5. So, you didn't mention waiting for the f*ing train in Portland. That really, really sucked.
    I can't believe we just met for real in are definitely part of our family now.
    This is a great recap of an amazing year. So looking forward to knocking more states off in 2013.
    Oh, and I look good in yellow, what can I say?

  6. lisa you had an amazing year!! so many accomplishments, you should be very PROUD!

  7. Looks like a good year. Are we going to see you in Eugene in 2013?

  8. Wow, great year! Sorry about the injury and not being able to run the marathon, but you should be very proud of your accomplishments!

  9. What a great year for you! Other than the knee pain of course, although I think we always learn from our injuries. So glad I got to meet you in Houston!