Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Potential Races in 2013

I've been lackluster on my 2013 racing plans.  A combination of only having 14 states left in my 50 state quests + deciding to do Jill's 13 in 2013 has got me starting to plan for potentials. It's always a work in progress as I have a hard time planning out too far in advance..

My #1 priority is to knock out as many states as I can, then once those are semi in the books, fill in the gaps of nearby races so I can hit my 13+ for the year.

14 States I have left and possibilities I have found thus far- please comment if you know anything about the listed ones, have a better suggestion for a state, OR better yet... you want to join in on one :)

Alaska: researching as we speak...

Hawaii (saving this for my last hoorah!!)

July 14- Shipyard Old Port- free beer & pizza at the finish- 90% of race is along the water.
August 25- Burberry Cove 1/2 - doesn't look as fun, but it does double up with NH

Maryland: *DH w/ VA 
May 18- St. Michaels Running Festival
Jun 1- Zooma Annapolis Women's 1/2

8/31- Women Rock MN

3/17/13- Run The Pub (St Patrick's themed race that is all downhill and ends at a pub?!?!) Kim they also include free mugs as part of the swag!!

Nevada:- lot of options here, sorting out other races before chosing which one to do.

New Hampshire:
Aug 24 (potentially unless 2013 changes) Strides for Youth 1/2 * DH with Maine

North Dakota: *DH w/ SD 
August 17 -Thunderbird 1/2 Marathon

Nov 2- Jenks 1/2 marathon
Nov 24- Route 66 1/2 

South Dakota:* DH  w/ ND 
August 18- Leading Ladies 1/2 Marathon

considering the covered bridges 1/2 sold out in 14 min my next choice is:
May 18- Dandelion 1/2 
June 9 (because I have nothing in June) Crowley Road race
after that I have no preference and will just choose it based on logistics and whats fit in schedule

Virginia: * DH w/ MD
May 19- Marine Corp Historic 1/2 
June 1- Virginia Wine Country 1/2- wine along course? music and wine festival afterwards! post race winery tour--- this would be a weekend event if anyone wants to repeat or add Virginia to your list :)
June 2- Northface Endurance Challenge 1/2- would be double header with MD, however it sounds hard and not sure if that would go best for double headers

Wyoming:- need suggestions as I have no preference here


  1. I'm in GA on 3/17, or I'd be in for MT.

    I really want that ND/SD double to work out for August. Those race organizers need to get their 2013 dates up.

    Jess is doing MN on 9/1 - Women Rock
    I'm interested in that one too.

    Nothing in October? The only two states up there I've already done are VA and HI. June is a tough month for me to race, poor me, blah, blah, summer basketball, blah blah.

  2. So fun! I think I want to come to Montana for Run the Pub. :) That would be the perfect way to celebrate my Birthday!

  3. I ran the Zooma 1/2 in Annapolis last year and loved it. It is probably my favorite half ever. It would be a great choice!!

  4. may do route 66. contemplating mayor’s race in alaska in june (team in training does that race fairly often). haven’t planned further out than eugene-but will keep all of these in mind!

  5. The Virginia Wine Country half looks awesome. Wine + running = my two favorite things + add in one of my favorite bloggers = super amazing. If you sign up for this I might have to join!

  6. Maryland:
    I did the Zooma race and it was fun, but you won't get a medal, they hand out a necklace, which are cute, but not as nice as a real medal.

    VA races:
    - The Marine Corps Half is in my town! VERY hilly course, but we could meet up!
    - The wine half is expensive and very hilly. Plus it can be super humid in June. Many friends did it, but complained about the heat and hills.
    - I did the North Face 10k last year and loved it!! Pretty trails and shaded course, but could be humid as well.
    - If you have time in March, there is the Shamrock half. Super flat course and I heard it's one of the best races in VA!

  7. Yay you're joining again!

    Seeing your potentials tempts me to go for 13.1 in a year goal again. I have it narrowed down to either a goal of 13.1 or trail races. The trail races work better with my goal race being a first 50 miler.

  8. Damn, I want to do one too! MT would be nice? I will have to come back & check periodically to see what I could sneak away for - would have to be spontaneous. Looks like a lot of fun!!!!!!!

  9. Dude! Come do Minnesota with me next year... WOMEN ROCK 8.31.13

  10. Montana is expensive, even for me to get to. I would possibly consider Tulsa again... not that expensive and I like the special medals.

    Covered Bridges sounds nice.

    As for Wyoming, I will join you for that since anything there is just a couple hours drive and you will have to fly into Denver anyway. Casper was pretty decent, that was the first weekend in June I think (Not sure if Kim could do that one). I have also looked at others, but they are much further north and I wouldn't necessarily be able to get to those as Denver might not be the closest airport...

    Anyway, race planning is the funnest :D

  11. No suggestions, as all I really know are the states you've already done. But wow, can't believe that's all you have left- awesome!