Monday, December 10, 2012

Rudolph 5k (race report)

The Race
2012- Still sucked 24:22

There are a lot of reasons why I run the half marathon distance. One of the many is that I ran cross country in high school, so attempting shorter distances like 5ks and and 10ks now are a constant disappointment to what I was once capable of. I actually HATE 5ks, so I have limited myself to one a year--- Nashville's Rudolph Red Nose Run.

I like this run because there isn't much going on in December, you get to see all the fun costumes that people wear, and it kicks off the Christmas parade so the streets are LINED  with Christmas lights and with spectators as they wait for us to finish so the parade can begin. 

On the other side of the spectrum, I hate this run because it is extremely difficult for a 5k with 3 MAJOR hills in every mile, so by the time you are done with the last hill your legs are shot and you still have just shy of a mile left. 

Love wins over hate and  B and I geared up to make it our 3rd year in a row for this run. 
as you can see, I have a love affair with wearing my red plaid skirt in the spirit of being festive. - of note: I am wearing same socks in every photo as well 

Aside from the start / finish line being on the other side of Titans Stadium, it's the exact same course as I ran in 2010 and 2011 so I'll do a brief Pro / Con list. 

  •  6pm start time- pitch black which makes the Christmas lights that much more pretty. 
  • Smaller field size, capped off and sold out at 2000 runners
  • Once we got down to stadium, it was easy to pick up our numbers and chip, go back to car, use restroom, and still make it to start line in plenty of time
  • 2nd ave and Broadway (2 hardest hills going up, SUPER fun going down) were lined with cheering spectators.
  • There was a girl running in front of me in aspaeris shorts and the candy stripe pro compression socks- made it a goal to beat her and I did. 
  • The past two years its been in the 40s at the start (great for my lungs)- this year it was 66 degrees. I was a sweaty mess during the race.
  • When I went to get satellites for my Garmin, the watch just completely turned off. I hadn't used my watch in the last 2 runs, so I didn't think about charging it--- rookie mistake. 
  • Despite small field size, no corrals separating the walkers from runners- was pretty congested and first mile is always bobbing and weaving. 
  • Usually there is a clock somewhere on the course so I can judge my time- not this go round so I had no idea how I was doing
  • I had a hard time picking up the pace even though I knew finish line was close- my legs were so dead after all the hills, I just wanted to finish. 
  • Every time I tried to pass this guy in the last mile, he got SUPER close to me and just ran stride for stride with me, how annoying. I almost asked him if he scoot over and give me some room.
  • I didn't break my goal of 24, finish time was 24:22--- a mere 4 seconds faster than last year, yet I felt so much stronger. 
  • I placed 4th, AGAIN, and even  checked to make sure I didn't somehow end up 3rd after they weeded out overall top female finishers (that is what happened last year)--- I was dumb and was only looking at my age group in top female finishers not realizing to literally take 3 away--- I ended up getting 3rd in AG, AGAIN yet I already left. I found out last year they don't give you your award if you're not there. DANG. 2 missed medals thus far. 
  • Last year they had pizza afterward- this year just water, bananas, granola bars, and bagels... boo. I can't expect too much for a 5k, but when you've ran in multiple years in a row, expectations are set. 
  • Swag--- previous years we got red noses or glow sticks- this year just our shirt, a water bottle, and a towel, which I do love towels, so maybe its a pro?
Despite it being hot, crowded, and hard- I'll still probably do it again next year, only I'm retiring the red plaid skirt for this event, apparently its not working so hot for this race. 
Glad I wore black as I was way sweatier than B haha

Another year, another 5k complete. On the upside, even though I only beat last year's time by 4 sec, I am getting faster every year!!

For those that generally run the half marathon distance, what are your thoughts on the 5k?


  1. 5k's make me go straight up into heart attack mode. I get nervous because I know I have to haul ass for 3 miles. My lungs burn, my legs burn, I'm sure I'm wild eyed like some small animal running from a Tasmanian devil. I'm a 25 minute girl. Same time, year in and year out. I enjoy ten mile races the best and then half marathons as far as my times go.

  2. Nice job getting faster each year!
    I hate the 5k. It seems like every time I do one, I end up getting a new minor injury.

    Don't retire the skirt! What a fun tradition...

  3. Ugh, we had the same weather. 66 degrees doesn't sound bad, but when you're racing, it's awful! I am not a big fan of 5ks either, they hurt. :) But congrats- your times are moving in the right direction!

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  5. I am amazed that you say 24 minutes for a 5k sucks! My fastest time is 29 minutes. Don't be so hard on yourself!

  6. i totally hear ya. that is warm-not to mention, i think running a race at night makes it harder! and yes, to answer your questions. not a fan of 5ks. give me a 1/2 marathon any day. i was cursing in my head the entire time on thanksgiving day :)

  7. I hate hate hate hate hate the 5k. I am pretty sure I will never run another one without A. Probably because I hate hate hate hate hate running fast. (Sensing a pattern?)

    I love that you and B do this together every year, you guys are too cute.