Thursday, January 6, 2011

Blues 1/2 race

So tomorrow B and I venture down to Mississippi to run in their Blues marathon. Being a HUGE Elvis fan, I'm pretty excited about the theme of  the race. As much as as I would love to be decked out in Elvis gear, didn't have the time or energy to figure out a costume. I did however get a blue skirt to represent 'the blues.'

I've never worn an asics skirt before, little shorter than what i'm used to, so a little nervous. It does however have built in shorts which seem long enough to prevent chub rub, so I guess we'll see. 
5 things I'm excited for on this race:
  • 55 degree weather- umm yes please!
  • First time in a few races gu is actually provided (still bringing my own pineapple roctane, but free gu is great!)
  • Chance to see Elvis impersonators on the course, and obviously get a photo op with a few of them!
  • There is a hot tub in our hotel *heaven*
  • B and I are spending the whole weekend down there- apparently there is a lot to do in Jackson, so we have a few activities planned to learn all about Mississippi!
Looking forward to recapping on this race and finishing my 5th state- long way to go! 


  1. Have you ever worn that skirt before? Oh, I hope you don't have any race day problems with it. Good luck! Can't wait to read your race report.

  2. I have not worn the skirt- just got it last night! I decided what i'm going to do is hike it up so the attached shorts are shorter, and then wear my personal fave nike compression shorts under (what i did for last race too)