Friday, January 21, 2011

Five things Friday

Today was a day of learning for me, 5 things to be exact in order of learning

1. My car does not like and will not go up hills if there is the slightest bit of ice. Got stuck on the way to work going up a hill and my only option was to reverse the whole way down and find a new way to get to work. On another road to work my car hit a patch of ice, lost control of the car and hit a pole. Weird part was not a scratch or dent on my bumper (score!)

2. Get to work around 10:15 and I am the ONLY one on my team there- office opens at 7:30 and there are 7 people who are scheduled to come in before me or at same time as me. What that means for me is that not only do I have all my appointments to do, but I have to call all my other fellow colleagues members and explain to them why they never got called for their appointments- YIKES. 2 other colleagues saw that I was by myself and offered to help me out (people really do care) and after a quick crash course in teaching them the system I was able to drastically cut back my workload down and of course, decrease stress. Glad to know that there are still some people willing to help a hand w/o anything to gain!

3. Got my results from my biometric screening from monday, and everything came back great. From June 23 to Jan 17 the only thing I changed was running. My eating has stayed the same, but July is when I actually started to get motivated / consistent with training.
Improvements: lost 1 inch on my waist;
BP: 106/70 to 100/60
Cholesterol: 155 to 127
HDL the same
LDL 82- 67
TC/HDL ratio 2.77 to 2.49
Glucose 94 to 82
I was so surprised that levels could change that much in 6 months time when I already am eating well and exercising. Who knew, thanks Running! :)

4. I get really bad migraines from time to time, and when I can feel one coming on- its downhill from there. Sleep is the only thing that helps. When leaving for work today, I randomly grabbed another person (which unknowingly to me had Excedrin migraine in it) and thank goodness for that. Not sure what caused my headache today, but at the first sign I took excedrin and it actually WORKED!!!! This is HUGE for me, and also hard for me to digest because I am extremely anti medicine and think that Americans are overly medicated, but I can't help but feel relieved that at least something is strong enough to at least help me get through the day.

5. Went to the gym today after work and realized too late that i left my ipod and headphones at home. Unless I'm running with someone and we're talking, I need my music. Apparently at my gym no headphones = invitation to get hit on, who knew?!? I NEVER get hit on at the gym, which is great because I'm in my own world dancing / running to music, and for some reason, everything I did, there was a guy. Elliptical man, treadmill man, cybex trainer man, stretching man, free weights man, and machine man. That's 6! I would say I'm flattered, but was actually annoyed because I'm at the gym for me, not anyone else. haha maybe thats why i'm single ;-) Now I know to always double check my gym bag before heading out for the day.

So I guess there are days that go by that aren't memorable, but today, took a little bit of knowledge with me and have learned some important (and maybe not so important) lessons!

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