Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tough Mudder Anyone?

A few of the guys I work with have been nagging me to join their Tough Mudder race team in Atlanta this march.  My deadline is approaching if I want to join or pass, and I'm just wondering if anyone else out there in the running world has done one of these, or something very similar to it such as a Warrior Dash. If so, would I have to do any other training outside of my already existing running / weight lifting routine?

For those who have never experienced a tough mudder race, its basically an extremely long obstacle course, this one being 10 miles, that you and your team have to complete together. "Tough Mudder is also about experiencing a true sense of camaraderie that, sadly, is rarely seen outside of the military these days. To get over some of our obstacles you will need the help of others – they are simply too much for one man to tackle alone. Tough Mudders, unlike some other types of endurance runners, are team players; they help out other Tough Mudders. We want everyone to compete, but being a Tough Mudder is also about making sure no man is left behind, not worrying about your finish time."
I figure, with all the halfs i'm doing, it might be nice to switch it up every so often, and March is a slow race month for me with only my Little Rock, AR race on March 6th. Major hold backs is I have very little upper body strength, and of course there is the risk of injury. I will be royally p.o.ed if I hurt myself and not be able to run for a bit because b/n April & May I already have 8 halfs on the books,  potentially a few more.
Soooooooooo any input, greatly appreciated :)  In the meantime, here are some photos of past mudder events.


  1. The problem with those types of challenges for me is that I can't even take them seriously because they look so ridiculous. I registered for the Warrior Dash in Manchester (9/11) but I'd be hesitant to do a 10 mile trail/mud run having never done any trail running before. It would be fun though! I love silly challenges like that! You can do it for sure! You just have to want to. :)

  2. I am passing on it this year, but I am doing Warrior Dash in the Fall. Since you have a team already in place you should definitely do it.

  3. I've done the Warrior Dash last year and will be doing it again this year. My friends are trying to get me to run Tough Mudder with them this year too...definitely considering it! Looks like a crazy day!

  4. I wish I can join the Tough Mudder next year, I'm looking forward for more updates in your post. I loved to try those courses in Tough Mudder and try if I can survive those challenges but I think if I will join the race, I have to undergo trainings I guess.