Thursday, January 20, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. I bought my Newton shoes for Christmas with the intention that I would be ready to run half marathons in them by February, my busiest month thus far. This doesn't look promising. I work 10-7 during the week so unless I want to get up early or run in the dark at night, my only option for running is either my lunch break or the TM at the gym. Due to hating doing long distances on the TM and only having so much time to run at lunch, the longest I've been able to do is 4 miles consistently in the shoes. I decided to just wing it and do my long run this past sunday, 9 miles, in them. BIG mistake. By mile 6 my feet and calves were cramping and I had to walk a little. Its thursday and the tightness is just now starting to loosen up. My stick isn't working on speeding up the process either! I need 2 things- 1. Start adding in a mid distance (I'm thinking 5-6 miles) on saturday to start building up comfortable mileage on my shoes. And 2. I need someone w/ strong hands to massage out the knots in my calves... hmmm I think Ryan would fill that role nicely :-)

2. I get extreme migraines about 2-3 hours after running any mileage over 10 miles- therefore its a given after every half mary, I'll be out of commission for a bit. For me the only cure is sleep, no meds help. My 'chiro go to' RJ keeps telling me I need to come in and get adjusted and get some xrays to see whats going on, and me, being stubborn, have put it off.... until now. I  FINALLY made an appt for next Wednesday to get looked at. My company partnered up with a clinic where I get a 30 minute massage, consultation, and xrays for $20- umm yes please! ( I need to talk to them about the possibility that I can request Ryan as my massage guy... might be too short of notice)
3. I put on a good solid 5lbs over the holidays, (didn't we all) and I'm proud to report that as of this morning I've lost it all and then 2 more lbs to officially put me at a weight that I haven't weighed since college, say what?!? I get the comment a lot that since I'm tall it probably makes for easier running- to an extent it does, but you also have to take in consideration I'm carrying an easy 20-30lbs more than the average runner due to my height, so even though I look fine, any weight down makes it that much easier on my joints- my knees and hips just LOVE me. 


  1. I hope you can get the Newtons to work for you! I love mine! I just wish they lasted longer. I'm on pair #3 in 7 months!

  2. One of the ladies I work with also works at a running shoe store on the side for the past several years, and she explained to me that the 'racer' newton- which judging by your pictures is what you have, is only designed for races b/c they purposely put less lining on bottom so you literally can't put too many miles on them. Where as the trainers you can do for both races and training runs bc they still weigh the same, but have a thin extra layer on bottom of heel so you can get more out of them. Ideally I think Newtons wants their purchasers to get both shoes, one to train and one to race- but thats just too much money.