Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Nike Training Jacket Winner

 Since this is my first giveaway- I decided to have 2 winners- SURPRISE! If you weren't one of the lucky winners, no worries as I will be posting another giveaway sometime toward end of the week / weekend, so be on the lookout.

Also- I decided to change my title of my blog- thus how it would appear on your blogroll- "Because I can..." Will show up starting tomorrow. Its a great answer to when all my non runner friends and coworkers ask about the crazy miles and races :)

Josh W @ Purposely Running
Sarah @ Run Write Conquer

If you could both email me at jamesondirect (at) yahoo dot com your mailing info by the end of the week, as well  as confirming the size of your jacket.

Thanks everyone for the adds and music input- my workouts over the last week have greatly appreciated all the suggestions. 


  1. Congrats Sarah and Josh...yay for you. Boo for me not winning. :) Lisa, thank for such an awesome comment today about soy, etc. I asked you a question about our soy milk...will you read it and pretty please comment back on there so others can read too. Thank you so much...you're a huge help and I'm learning so much from your wisdom. Hope to be back to your blog tonight to catch up...I've been awful at keeping up on blogs!

  2. Haha, I'll have more giveaways, so no worry Amanda. I commented back on your post- hope that helped, its so hard sometimes with food / nutrition because its never just black & white... always some exception. Any other questions, let me know