Monday, January 24, 2011

Superbowl Weekend Race

Becca and I went on our long run early yesterday so I could get back home before the Packers / Bears game. My family is divided b/n die hard Packers and die hard Bears- the fact that there is this 1. division of devotion, 2.that their big rivals, and 3. it determines who goes to the superbowl makes this game one of the few games where I make it a point to watch.  Becca is hardcore Steelers fan. On our run we talked about how great it would be if out two teams played one another for the super bowl and how we would sport our team for race day outfits. 
So once both our teams made it to the superbowl, we realized that the game is played on Feb 6th (we were thinking it was a week afterward) and now are scrambling to try and fix our travel plans. That weekend we are driving (ugh yes driving) to Savannah, Ga for the Critzy Tybee 1/2 on saturday. This is our longest road trip yet, 8.5 hours, so we were planning on staying all weekend and praying for beautiful weather so we can enjoy the beach. Now we're seeing if we can cancel our saturday night stay and maybe drive halfway through (stay in atlanta???) on saturday so that way we have plenty of time to on Sunday for SuperBowl celebration!!

I had already made a plan to dedicate this race to my 5 month old nephew, Joseph, who is having open heart surgery the day before to fix the hole in his heart, and now this race is that much more important.  

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