Friday, June 17, 2011


Everything happened yesterday, only had time to write it today.

1. One of the great benefits of living in Nashville, is that Dave Ramsey lives here and his Financial Peace University is taught about 1 mile down the road from where I work. I just so happen to work at the headquarters branch of my company, so we're well known in the Franklin / Nashville area, so Dave offered our employees the opportunity to do his Financial Peace course online... for FREE! Its a 12 week course and I just finished the 4th week- Dumping Debt where it talks about getting rid of items that cause debt (aka credit cards)
Yesterday I decided to cut one up- so liberating!
That's Rick my facilitator- hes easy on the eyes
The other two random things dont' necessarily have to do with me, but I wanted to share since I'm indirectly affected: When it comes to friends, I generally get along with everybody, however there are very few (i'm talking I can count on 1 hand) that I'm super close to and trust with all my secrets. Right now in my life there are only 3 people who know pretty much everything about me:
Grew up together, up until this past fall, has been chasing me to date him since age 14, both live in Nashville now. 

Met shortly after college, worked together, lived with eachother for a few  years- literally been to hell and back with one another. 

Upon moving to Nashville- first real friend I made. (aside from RJ being here) He is my go to about all my problems, and always willing to dish out advice and drown sorrows in a good beer. 

 so they mean the world to me and I share in their joys / sorrows and they do the same for me. 

2.) 2 weeks ago I found out via facebook (not even a phone call) that RJ proposed to his gf of 8 months. I get a text yesterday from him asking my new address to send a wedding invite because they're already planning everything (that was FAST) 

3.)  May 21 I went to Jenna's baby shower and she informed me she decided to just get married the following week at the court house before her fiance (now husband) leaves for Marines- so in 3 weeks time not only did she get married, but yesterday she had an emergency c section (not due till July 12) and she had a baby boy. 

If you're still actually reading this post you may think- "whats your point?"

My point is that I can deal with seeing every day on facebook that one of 'my friends' is engaged, recently married, or had a baby.... its a whole different story when its the ones that mean the most to you in life. I can't help but feel a little 'inadequate' because I'm nowhere near starting that "next chapter". 

I actually changed my status yesterday morning to something of the effect of "feeling a little behind in this thing called life..." 
I realized it may sound borderline depressed, so I deleted it, but my brother saw it in time to write on my wall...

Eric Jameson
You've accomlished SOOOOOOO much in life and done things many people haven't even dreamed. Keep your chin up and big smile
Yesterday at 10:23am ·  ·   · See Friendship

I realized he's right, I've had some awesome experiences in the last 5 years. While others have been settling down, I've been "finding myself" and having fun. Everyone always wants what they don't have, thats just human nature- since I don't have the stability of starting a family... or having anyone to start a family with, I yearn for it at times. Running fills that void for me most times, and since my running has been slacking I get to experience the side effects.

Today marks a new day- no more pity party for Lisa.
Remind myself - Good things come to those who wait .... I have GREAT things coming my way :)


  1. ahhh. You are me my friend a few years ago. I can TOTALLY relate to all of it. I have spent many a days/nights etc. in tears that I am the “only one left” to not be married, have kids, etc. (and for me, thats out of 9 girls!!). It is hard. It has taken me until my 30th year to get comfortable in my skin and be proud of who I am…I am often put on a good facade for others with my personality but deep down insecure. It was actually going to be an upcoming blog post. I promise you (even though I sometimes still doubt) that it all happens for a reason and that your life works out the way it is supposed to. you really have no control (not sure how big you are on faith but it has helped me). I have learned to “lift up and let go.” feel free to email me anytime you want to chat, vent, etc. Be proud of what you have done and what you are doing. XO!

  2. I have to ditto Elizabeth's comments. God puts you in certain situations and places in life for a reason, although it's oh so hard understanding it all sometimes ... and I'm siting here right now, thinking to myself "okay, apply what you've just written to my own life!" Hang in there! Great things ARE coming your way!

  3. I totally hear where you're coming from Lisa! At 25, I already feel like some of my friends are much further along in "this thing called life", but then I realize what I want right now is not the same as what others might want. I understand that it is difficult to "hear" about your closest friends via Facebook and I have had similar situations. I wish I had a ton of advice to give, but I think that even without knowing you, great things will certainly come your way!

  4. I hear you and I totally understand how you feel. Few years back I felt the exact same way, I came to the States and had no friends and everybody back home moved on with marriage and kids while I started from scratch. Looking back, it was a great experience and tought me so much about myself and who I am. Now I am in a relationship and it could not be better. Realizing what you want and who you are before going into a relationship makes a huge difference. Just be patient and all will work out :)