Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I've taken a long break from blog land due to travels and not being near a computer + when I returned I had no internet at my house
While I was away:

  • had 5 days off from work!!
  •  I completed my 17th state, West Virginia (race report to come)

  • got to travel and see a little of Pittsburgh and meet some of Bs friends

crossing into the city
along the river

hanging out with Mr. Rogers

kids playing in the waterfall. 
  • I've been SUPER stressed this past month for many reasons and I believe that I took a step in the right direction on Monday by making 2 major decisions that were hard, but I know are the best for me. 
    • broke it off with the boy (I don't share too much personally on here, but yes, there was a boy who was wonderful to me, but in the end I knew it wouldn't work. Decided it would be smarter to just end rather than prolong the inevitable.)
    • decided to leave my current housing this summer- been debating for awhile, but finally dropped the bomb on the roommates Monday. I'm tired of petty drama and getting involved in the middle of it. Although saving money is a huge bonus, going to bed every night miserable and scared of what event the next day will bring is no way to live your life.
  • With no internet to entertain me I saw 3 movies in the past few days.
    • Something Borrowed- didn't read the book, so nothing to compare it to, but was EXCELLENT. Also not bad that the main guy, Dex aka Colin Egglesfield is not bad to look at :) 
    • Hangover 2- nothing can top the first one, PERIOD. Second one wasn't bad, still funny, but definitely took a back seat to the original
    • Water for Elephants- started and finished the book on sunday while waiting for flights. GREAT book so I had to see the movie. Like most books turned into movies, they changed a lot of the story line, cut out some people / events, but still an intriguing movie. If you're an animal lover, it may be hard to watch some parts due to animal cruelty. 
  • Since the race on saturday, I haven't done any type of workouts. Its been 100 and humid here in Nashvegas, so running outside was out of the question. I've been pretty bummed lately about a lot of different things going on, so my motivation is lacking. With no known race scheduled till August, I need to find something to keep me occupied.
Thoughts or suggestions???


  1. I loved Water for Elephants. My next fav, I just finished, is Sarah's Key. I also recommend the Spellman series by Lisa Lutz, very funny.

    I know your big changes will work out for the best!

    Congrats on #17, wow!

  2. I completely agree about Hangover 2 and all my friends said I was crazy!! Hang in there...once life settles for you I'm sure you will be back on the motivation train!!

  3. Suprise, Suprise, it's your brother. I decided to start commenting on your blogs since i always read them, but never comment. So i'll stop using you for your words now and provide some input.

    Great job on your difficult decisions on Monday. I know it can be tough, but in life sometimes you gotta look out for # 1 especially if it'll make your life better. I hpe things turn out well in those instances.

    Since you don't race for awhile, i'd look into running some local 5K's or 10K's. Dayton has them every weekend so i imagine a big 'ol city like Nashville would have lots of them. They're something competitive to look forward to and they aren't to time consuming.

    Lastly, you can't compare your city's heat to Vegas's heat. Like everyone says "It's 120 here in Vegas, but it's a "Dry" heat, so it feels great." Maybe go with Nashorleans, or Nashleans....I'm just sayin.

  4. Thanks Eric! I have no desire to do a 5k, but me and a few of the guys at work were looking at a 10k here for the 4th of July.
    Nashville is referenced as "Nashvegas" due to the broadway and 2nd avenue strip- lights and rows of bars and people... not for the weather :)

    Going to have to check out that book when I'm done with my list Kim!

  5. Sorry to hear that you've been having a tough time lately Lisa, I'm with you on that one and have actually had to make some not-so-great decisions lately in regards to just plain life.

    If you ever get a chance to read "Something Borrowed" or her follow-up "Something Blue" - I would do it. Emily Giffin is such an easy read, but pretty solid and entertaining stories! Thanks for writing this blog, it keeps me motivated!

  6. Ahhh I also read Sarah's Key and it was really good! I think it's more of a young adult book though, so a super easy read! Clearly, I read a lot! :)

  7. I'm reading something borrowed right now, can't wait to see the movie.

    Good for you to make changes for the better. I hope all works out the way you want it to be :)

  8. thinking about you! i’ve learned after many years of dating, moving, etc. that it all happens for a reason and it all will work itself out. good for you for taking care of YOU-i struggled with that up until the past year or so. agree with your bro-some local races and some time in Nashville might be fun! thats what I am doing until august as well.

  9. Take care of YOU! State #17 sounded like a tough one, can't wait to see the report on that one. Don't even get me started on the heat... Supposed to be 93 here today. (I know I whine all winter for summer, but now that it is here...)

    Did you decide if you want to join us in Boise??