Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Beginnings = new motivation

Monday I signed a lease for an apartment with one of my current housemates Adam. With that came a huge weight lifted off my shoulders- no more drama, no more getting woke up at 4am when people come home drunk, and no more watching every word I say to make sure it can be twisted and used against me!!

I picked up the apartment keys last night and am slowly moving in all week with the big move this saturday. Cheesy as this sounds, this new start has also jump started my motivation for getting back on track with my running and fitness!

I was going stir crazy not having another half marathon planned till August 14- the Rock n Roll Chicago, so after my mom asked if I wanted to do something with her for my birthday, July 16, I started searching for potential destinations to get a race. After searching around on Half Marathon Guide, my go-to for finding almost all my races, I found one that works perfectly! Presque Isle 1/2 in Erie, Pa. The website is not exciting, but the course map looks like there will be majority of the race running along water which means less humidity. Pennsylvania is a state that B has and I don't, so its great that I can get this out of the way and we can get closer to having the same amount done (she has Nevada completed and I have Indiana)

In light of having a race actually scheduled in July I decided to get back on a more regular routine with running / working out. I went to the gym after work, did weights for 30 min (haven't done that in over 2 months) and did a fast 2 miles on the TM in 15:23!

I believe on Monday I will be starting up p90x. My lovely co-worker Ronnie found a pull up bar for $6 and grabbed it for me, so now I have everything I need--- as an added bonus, the roommie Adam does p90x so I  we can be eachother's accountability partners (which I'll need when I can barely move)

Lastly tomorrow I'm starting the 24 day challenge...
24-Day Challenge Bundle

I had one of my City of Fort Lauderdale members do this and have great results in terms of lowering BF%, losing weight, and having a ton of energy.When we had our first conversation together, he asked if I would be willing to check out all the ingredients to make sure everything was safe and if there was anything to be cautious about. Everything checked out and I gave him the green light.  To be honest I forgot about him and his success until the other day on facebook one of my co-workers had posted his before and after photos of doing the same thing. After already knowing about r it I figured I'd give it a whirl to shed the excess "beer happy" weight haha.
In all seriousness, my body is fine and I'm happy with how everything is 'put together', but in order to get faster, I would like to be a little more lean and I'm willing to see if this helps. I will post progress when I'm complete!

Do you all do anything to get a little edge or jump start on your weight loss or fitness journey??


    1. I've been slacking with P90X. Interested to know what you think about it! Glad to see a race on the horizon for you next month!

    2. It is no surprise...once you reduced the stress you are able to focus on healthier things! I would love to hear what you think of spark!