Thursday, June 16, 2011

Travel without my running shoes

Lately all my travels have involved venturing to a race to check another state off my list. I finally took a mini vacay sans my running shoes this past week to Bonnaroo Music Festival to camp out, listen to music, and make some memories for 5 days.

Since I haven't ran in over a week, I have nothing to report, so you can hear about my last week.

If you've not yet experienced an outdoor multiple day music festival expect the following things:

  • Outdoors all day, no shade, forgetting to consistently reapply sunscreen = sunburn (my lips got real bad and swelled up and are now in their peeling stage- gross) 
  • eating very little- at the campsite i had pringles, pb & j sandwiches, cookies, pineapple, water and beer... seriously that was it. In the concert grounds I mainly had bratwurst, lemonade, beer, water.
  • wearing a bathing suit 24/7 as your bra and or shirt and underwear. 

  • DUST everywhere- got so bad the last day, I looked like a bandit. 

  • Not showering- you get very creative with what to do with you hair.... we did braids. 
  • along with no showers, baby wipes become your best friend- wiping off the dust, cleaning dirt under finger nails, looking civilized. 
  • 20 hour days- sun wakes you up at 5:30am, 7am if you're lucky. Get back to campsite and in bed ranging from 2-4am. 
  • Lots of drugs available. No I didn't use any, but you can turn to the person next to you and basically get whatever it is you want, or just make a sign and someone else will come to you...
side note- i found this on the ground... I just used it as a prop for this photo.
  • CROWDS of people... EVERYWHERE. 80,000 this time around

  • music music music galore! if you honestly love good music, you will have a blast. 3 of my favorite performances... of course there were more, but these were my top
Arcade Fire- put on an amazing energetic show

Mumford and Sons- one of my fave bands going into the festival so I was stoked to be able to see them 

Kopecky Family Band- new find. Luckily they live in Nashville. Had the opportunity to speak with them after the show and got a heads up when they play next at one of our local bars. Nice folks!!!
  • The opportunity to see famous people! We got to speak with Zach Braff and my friend Ash got her individual photo with him. Our group photo hasn't been posted yet by the girl who took it, so this will have to do... 
Ashley and Zach
  • Everyone is friendly (depending on the type of music festival, this one was mainly hippies, so peace and love) made some random friends along the way...
Kenny was from Canada and one of the concert photographers. He joined us for Mumford and Sons

Jen (next to me) is also from Canada- her friends ditched her so she joined us and offered up her vodka and pot to watch Arcade Fire 

Don't remember where the guys were from, but they gave us necklaces, water, and drums!

  • naked painted bodies- no I didn't take any photos. 
  • tons of artistic vendors- bought some glasses, earrings, and a ring
  • depending on who you go with, will depend on your experience. This year I went with a great group of ladies and I had way more fun as opposed to the following year. All in all, had a blast. 
watching Band of Skulls w/ the ladies- the blurry is actually dust

Watching She is We- me, Danah, Katie, Ashley

Getting ready to enter into Bonnaroo

outside our campground. Me, Danah, Katie, Ashley 

cleaned up a little bit and ready to head back out for round 2 on 1st day

It's getting HOT! Watching Matt and Kim (great show) 


  1. Looks dirty....but so much fun!!!!!!!!! It's so funny to see because my brother-in-law was there and he told me NOT a WORD about it!

  2. Funny...we both had to bathe with baby wipes this weekend.

    Sounds like it was a blast!

  3. Cool! I've heard of Bonnaroo, but was never really sure of what it was. Now I know! Looks like a fun, albeit dirty, time! :)

  4. ugh! sounds so fun!! i went to ACL this past year and it was awesome!! a lot of the same bands but less hippies i think :) still haven’t been to bonnaroo. I saw Mumford on Sunday in Atlanta. They were awesome! You and I have the same music taste :) glad it was fun!!