Tuesday, June 28, 2011

p90x day 1...

I finally did it! I officially began the first day of p90x!!!! (seriously I've had it since Easter, so this is finally a step in the right direction)

For those who are unaware of the layout of the program, the first day is back and chest, (aka pull up and push up hell) so I've been procrastinating getting a pull up bar because I have ZERO upper body strength. I put together and set up the bar last night, as well as mentally prepared myself by watching the workout in advance so I could see what I was in store for.

On a scale of 1-10, my confidence rose from a 0 to a 5 when they showed how you could use a chair to do a modified pull up / chin up!!
Heres my sweet set up for my pull up bar and chair combo... I practiced a bit last night and this morning so I'd be ready... (can you really ever be ready??)

So I wouldn't say that I was completely awful- definitely not good. My problem is I don't know if I'm doing a lot of the exercises properly... I mean the diver bomb push ups... I don't even know if one of mine are right. If you want some entertainment, watching me do these will surely make you feel better about your own abilities.

I'm proud to say I completed it- there were some modifications I needed to do for the push ups, and I had to stop my second round of decline push ups, but other than that, I'm not too sore (i might be singing a different tune tomorrow)

So I decided to take my 'before photos' so I can track every 30 days.
These first 2 are taken last week before my cleanse- I could tell I was bloated, but I had no idea until looking at todays photos.

So again these 2 photos are before the cleanse. And the rest were taken today, 6 days into cleansing and eating clean (zero dairy, sugar, and carbs outside of fruit)- I don't want skewed results, so I'm not flexing in any of the photos because I want to see how my muscles just naturally look
Now you can slowly see my abs without even flexing- hopefully they'll fullly come out of hibernation soon!

I love it when my butt hangs out....

My camera started fogging up so the rest are a little blurry because its my phone... might redo these tomorrow

Because you know... I always stand like this

I wish I could say its muscle, but my shoulder blades always have stuck out

So there you have my before p90x, and 30 days in I'll do an updated photo shoot- hopefully less but will be hanging out at that point.

So I know quite a few people are doing it, anyone else have great results with p90x?


  1. Awesome pictures...love that you are taking before and after pictures. This comment will be random rambling here. Love your bed spread/comforter. I've heard many great things about this program. I have the cd's but not idea what order they go in or how to use them...my friend just gave them to me. It all seems way too complicated for me. ugggh. But I really want to try it one of these days because word on the street is that it gets great results!! Can't wait to follow your progress!!

  2. My husband looked AMAZING after doing it for 30 days. He has never made it the full 90 but gets into the 60s and 70s before life stuff pulls him away for a bit. I have dabbled in it…i really like it. Tony Horton makes me giggle :P you look darn good already…can't wait to see after a month! And I totally thought we were going to get to see you in that video! Lol. Nothing is as ridiculous as my princess pull-ups video from tonight :P

  3. Good luck with it! I've not tried it but I've heard great things. Funny story: my hubs went to college with the business brains behind P90X. Ha!

  4. Good luck!!! I know you can do it!!!